SteamWorld Heist

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Thi ChaoJun 16, 2016
I’m thoroughly enjoying playing this game and I appreciate being able to keep the level of difficulty at a setting I feel comfortable with before each mission, which can be adjusted or decreased if you so choose. I just wish they had a bit more to offer to offer in terms of objectives.
John WhitehouseJun 30, 2016
All in all, Image & Form have once again knocked it out of the park with Steamworld Heist. Fun, addictive and comical, it has everything in needs to become another success for the Icelandic studio.
Nikola SuprakJun 27, 2016
The strategic element of the gameplay is both wickedly challenging and undeniably fun, and this is one of those rare games that should appeal to both hardcore genre fanatics and more casual gamers at the same time. A bit of repetition and some interface issues might keep it out of the realm of the all-time greats, but there is so much heart in this cold metal shell that all is quickly forgiven.
Alex StintonJun 29, 2016
So far, its been a great year for turn based strategy games on PlayStation 4, and SteamWorld Heist has added further to the bounty. With its addictive and accessible gameplay, not only is it the perfect title for players of any skill level to test their metal, but you'll also have such a good time playing it that you'll quickly forget it isn't the direct sequel to SteamWorld Dig that you may have been hoping for.
GameCentralJun 09, 2016
SteamWorld Heist is a wonderfully designed, cheerfully entertaining strategy action game. The sort of experience that will hopefully open up more people to styles of games they’d never normally play, while delighting those that already fans.
Alberto PastorJun 21, 2016
Su emocionante acción estratégica y fantástica puesta en escena lo convirtieron en una de las grandes sorpresas de 2015, así que su llegada a otras plataformas debería alegrar a cualquiera. Con una notable capacidad para sorprender una y otra vez con nuevos desafíos, SteamWorld Heist es uno de esos videojuegos que merece la pena probar. Seas o no aficionado a la estrategia por turnos, es difícil que no caigas rendido a sus encantos.
Gianluca ArenaJul 03, 2016
Image & Form avrebbe commesso un imperdonabile delitto a negare la gioia di giocare il suo Steamworld Heist anche a tutti i possessori di Playstation 4 e Vita: dopotutto, parliamo di uno degli strategici a turni più eccentrici e divertenti degli ultimi tempi, che, nonostante sia più a suo agio su console portatile, tirato a lucido a 1080p fa la sua porca figura.