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Jamie FelthamApr 24, 2017
Statik’s sheer invention and fascinating premise are somewhat betrayed by its short length. No two puzzles are the same, and they’re all well-balanced and thought-out trials, but they left me begging for more. Still, that speaks to just how enjoyable an experience this is while it lasts. The game casts a web of intrigue that will pull you in and I suspect have some people picking it apart for even longer than the initial run time.
Matt EakinsMay 02, 2017
It falls short on duration, and terribly so on replay value, but the asking price makes the experience worth it, I think. I wager down the line, Statik will get some new puzzles, but for now, what is there might be short but it is spectacular. It does everything right, and very little wrong. It is simultaneously serene and tense. If you’re still looking for that PSVR title to change your perspective, Statik might be the one.
Samuel GuglielmoApr 26, 2017
That, to me, is really the mark of a truly brilliant puzzle game. Statik is unique, smart, and easily one of the most creative experiences I’ve had in VR. I haven’t seen a puzzle game that I felt hit the perfect level of “hard enough to give a challenge, but still solvable without resorting to crazy logic” in some time, but Statik absolutely nails it. If you own PSVR then this is a must own, and if you don’t then this may be one of the VR exclusives that will make you consider it.
Jordan DevoreMay 03, 2017
It's a testament to Statik's inventive puzzle design and clever complementary use of the DualShock 4 and PlayStation VR that even though I didn't care much for its story or aesthetic, it still won me over big time. If you're a PlayStation VR owner, you owe it to yourself to look into this game further.
Simon FitzgeraldApr 27, 2017
Statik is an excellent PlayStation VR puzzle game: it's cleverly designed puzzles with subtle environmental elements keep your mind ticking from start to finish. Accompanied by impressively detailed visuals, it puts most virtual reality titles to shame, and is a must buy – even if it's a bit on the short side.
TuffcubApr 25, 2017
I really enjoyed Statik. It’s not particularly big, but it is very clever, and has clearly had a lot of thought and love poured in to it. VR is an integral part of the game rather than being a showy gimmick, making this a fine addition to the PlayStation VR library.
gamesTMFeb 09, 2018
The puzzles themselves all offer a new challenge and some of the toughest are those that use the least number of buttons and prompts from the controller. It ramps up brilliantly and is nicely paced too. With the game taking maybe two or three hours depending on how quickly you solve things we’d say it’s a good length for a VR game too. It might not have the intense insanity of a Keep Talking, but it’s up there with some of the best implementation of PSVR we’ve seen to date.
Luiz VázquezMay 07, 2017
Statik nos ha parecido uno de los juegos más inteligentes para la realidad virtual, que sabe esquivar muchas de las carencias de esta tecnología (que no hace más que dar sus primeros pasos) para ofrecernos uno de los títulos de puzles más originales que hemos jugado recientemente. Lo nuevo de Tarsier es un juego que te hace pensar, que te hace dudar y explorar, y que te obliga a mirar más allá de lo que tienes en tus manos, y nunca mejor dicho.
Rosario SalatielloMay 19, 2017
Statik è un'ottima esperienza di realtà virtuale, che ci sentiamo di promuovere a pieni voti. Una serie di piacevoli enigmi tiene in funzione il cervello di chi ha in testa PlayStation VR, senza mai esagerare in complessità grazie a una difficoltà ben bilanciata sul piano globale. Trattandosi di un puzzle game bisogna comunque avere una certa propensione per questo genere, soprattutto nel non lasciarsi scoraggiare dal primo enigma un po' più complicato.
Nicolò BicegoMay 01, 2017
Statik è un puzzle game nudo e crudo, come pochi se ne vedono al giorno d’oggi. Non è e non vuole essere per tutti, offrendo enigmi sempre complessi ma mai illogici, che faranno la gioia degli appassionati del genere, ma che tedieranno chiunque non sia pronto a spendere decine di minuti rimuginando sullo stesso puzzle. Il grado di divertimento che Statik saprà darvi, dunque, dipende solamente dalla vostra pazienza; se il pensiero di un gioco che vi darà continui grattacapi non vi spaventa, Statik è il gioco che fa per voi.
Francesco DestriMay 14, 2017
Se odiate i puzzle-game e vi viene l’orticaria solo a pensare a The Room e compagnia pensante, evitate Statik come la peste. Se però il genere vi intriga, volete spremervi le meningi in un ambiente VR, sperimentare un po’ di claustrofobia e divertirvi tra simboli, ingranaggi e scatole partorite da una mente deviata, avete trovato il gioco che fa per voi.