Space Crew: Legendary Edition for PlayStation 4

Space Crew: Legendary Edition

Oct 15, 2020
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Developer: Runner Duck
Content Rating: Teen


Captain's Log, Star Date 2152. This is Space Crew. Its continuing mission: To defend Earth and humankind, to eliminate the extraterrestrial threat and to boldly go where no Crew has gone before in this unique, strategic, space simulation!

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Ramesh Berkhout

Ramesh Berkhout

Sep 14, 2021

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Gary “Dominoid” SheppardNov 06, 2020
It’s not the most complex of games, but Space Crew serves its purpose as a decent enough sequel to Bomber Crew. It’s a 4X game with a couple of missing Xs if you will. Poor controls and a lack of variety stop it from being a classic however.
Ross KenistonOct 13, 2020
Space Crew shares the DNA of its predecessor Bomber Crew and utilises its strengths in interesting and engaging ways, and is a worthy follow up, though the fiddly controller mapping means you really should be playing this on a PC.
Aran SuddiOct 19, 2020
Space Crew is a solid management and strategy title with enjoyably tense space battles, but the grind does get repetitive after a while. A bit more variety to mission structure would be very welcome.

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