Song of the Deep

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Chris CarterJul 08, 2016
Despite its sparkling surface, Song of the Deep could use a bit more polish. That said, it hits more than it misses, and I can easily see myself coming back to its sprawling world every few years or so. With more development time in the form of a sequel (possibly using another mythos and setting), it could be something really special. For now what we've got is absolutely still worth playing.
Daniel BloodworthJul 17, 2016
Arthur GiesJul 08, 2016
At around six hours long, Song of the Deep doesn't have enough time to become a disaster, and there are redeeming aspects of it. The character, the voiceover, the presentation are all a change of pace from the video game status quo, and the sense of discovery the first half offers is welcome. But it's hard to shake the feeling of a game with potential that never quite figures out how to deliver on it.
Steve WattsJul 11, 2016
Song of the Deep has a sweet and appealing core at its center, but small frustrations make it difficult to appreciate those qualities.
Matt WhittakerJul 10, 2016
Song of the Deep could have been downright outstanding, but there’s enough flaws here to bump it back down into the realm of simply good. If you’re looking for a title with a touching story and gorgeous art-design, you could do a lot worse than Insomniac’s underwater metroidvania adventure.
Nicholas PlouffeJul 13, 2016
So, is Song of the Deep going to win any major awards or really stand out amongst the other smaller games in the crowd? Not exactly. Will it entertain you for a decent length time, at a reasonable price, with beautiful art and a charming tale? Absolutely. If you love past Insomniac titles, disregard what’s come out in the past and judge this new release based on its own merit. It may flounder a bit, but give it a chance and it can swim just fine.
Scott ButterworthJul 08, 2016
Still, Song of the Deep's mix of combat, puzzle-solving, and exploration generally lands somewhere around "fine," even if it waivers between aggravating and enjoyable in the process. And although the game tests your patience more often than your skill, its engrossing world and excellent story keep the experience afloat through it all.
Jaz RignallJul 08, 2016
Insomniac Games' Song of the Deep is an excellent metroidvania whose underwater setting gives the genre a nice twist. Its map is impressively large, and it packs many inventive puzzles that are fun to solve. It looks and sounds brilliant too. The boss battles are a little on the weak side however, but they don't take the shine off what is otherwise a thoroughly enjoyable and very sweet exploration game.
Aaron MainJul 13, 2016
You'll find out while deep under the sea, that this adventure should have remained on shore. With uninteresting puzzles and mixed controls, you may want to think twice.
Keri HoneaJul 12, 2016
On the surface, everything about Merryn’s adventure is absolutely charming. The deeper you and Merryn go, the game loses its luster, but it’s still worth undertaking the journey if this style of adventure game sings to you. Just be aware it may not be a complete pleasure cruise.
Javy GwaltneyJul 08, 2016
Luckily, Song of the Deep’s combat and beautiful presentation, showing cutscenes as colorful storybook illustrations accompanied by narration from an Irish-accented speaker, push the game a fair distance above its failings and make it a journey worth taking for anyone who enjoys Metroid-inspired games or action/adventure games with interesting stories.
Justin CelaniJul 12, 2016
Song of the Deep is a nice, solid length, beautiful side scrolling adventure game that will take most players anywhere from 6 to 10 hours to complete. Lots of hidden treasures to find, upgrades to purchase, and secret areas to discover. Genre wise it’s not doing anything that most other games haven’t done before it, but the setting and story are unique and just captivating enough to provide players with a wonderful undersea fairy tale.
Tom OrryJul 08, 2016
Annoying puzzles aside, Song of the Deep is an excellently put together Metroidvania with a sweet tale to tell.
GrayshadowJul 18, 2016
The sense of wonder and excitement of diving deeper into the ocean as tranquil music plays in the background helped me forget about firing missiles are the same generic enemies over and over. Overall Song of the Deep is an epicundersea odyssey.
Francesco De MeoJul 11, 2016
Song of the Deep is a very nice Metroidvania game featuring a huge map to explore, plenty of secrets to discover, and a huge array of different situations and puzzles which make the experience incredibly varied. Other highlights are its beautiful presentation, seamless storytelling style and excellent soundtrack/voice acting. Some irritating puzzles, made so by physics, mediocre boss battles and a few performance hiccups are just minor issues and, thankfully, they are not enough to make this beautiful song go out of tune. Highly recommended to Metroidvania fans and to all those who enjoy well crafted experiences.
Shabana ArifJul 08, 2016
An undersea adventure that is more about seeing the sights than captivating gameplay.
Kieran HarrisJul 11, 2016
With Song of the Deep Insomniac has broadened its creative scope and has succeeded in creating an immersive story book adventure that tugs hard at the heart strings. While the core gameplay mechanics may fall short of its achievements within the visual and storytelling departments, but if you're willing to look past its flaws then there's still plenty here to enjoy.
Mick FraserJul 12, 2016
Insomniac’s nautical adventure ultimately ties the laces on its own concrete shoes, weighing itself down with inconsistent difficulty and a few misfiring ideas. But it’s testament to the developer’s experience that it still manages to be massively compelling and likeable. Beautiful, charming and touching, Song of the Deep might not ever reach the emotional depths or giddy heights of Ori & the Blind Forest, but it does provide an enjoyable, worthy adventure of its own despite its issues.
Stephen TailbyJul 18, 2016
It contains most of the established rules and trappings of a Metroidvania, and is one of the easier games that we've played recently, but this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes, it's nice to play a game that doesn't ask too much of you, one that allows you to relax and simply enjoy being in its world. If you can forgive its technical hiccups and learn to adapt to its loose controls, you'll have a whale of a time.
Neil BoltJul 12, 2016
Song of the Deep is quite often a fantastic voyage, full of rich detail and swimming with charm, but it does little mechanically to rise above similar, better titles. At its best, it’s an entertaining way to spend a few hours in a wonderfully-built ocean world. At its worst, it’s a cheap. uninspired and frustrating slog.
Elias BlondeauAug 05, 2016
By going against their own grain, Insomniac Games has crafted a true winner with Song of the Deep, which is one of 2016’s most hypnotic and charming games.
JuanemJul 08, 2016
Una gran presentación acompañada de una buena historia a manera de fábula nos harán recordar con cariño este proyecto de Insomniac, que aunque es notorio que faltó pulirse en varios aspectos para que fuera completamente destacable, muchos contenidos nos ofrece por el precio reducido al que se.
Sergio MartínJul 15, 2016
No alcanza el nivel de perfección que nos han dejado otras obras maestras independientes de la temporada pero, a pesar de eso, Song of the Deep supone un viaje lleno de ternura, emociones y belleza estética que nadie debería perderse. Además su jugabilidad es tremendamente variada y se extiende a lo largo de unas 8 o 10 horas de juego aproximadamente. Podría haber sido todavía mejor, pero nos conformamos con lo que nos ofrece este nuevo trabajo de Insomniac Games.
Jorge ArellanoJul 26, 2016
Song of the Deep no es un mal juego. Padece errores de diseño de niveles que pueden volverlo tedioso. Lo mismo ocurre con el combate en un principio, aunque eso es parte de la naturaleza del género. Lamentablemente, no hace nada mejor que ningún otro exponente del género y tampoco tiene algún elemento propio que resalte. Quizá la curva de progresión es muy lenta. Si consiguiera replicar esa sensación del juego final hacia el comienzo, probablemente merecería otra evaluación. Es un juego bueno a secas.
José L. OrtegaJul 08, 2016
Song of the Deep es un juego que no arriesga y que se conforma con seguir unos patrones demasiado marcados, pero consigue resultar entretenido, sin volvernos locos de la emoción. Lo ideal hubiera sido que la chispa se mantuviera encendida bajo el mar, pero ya sabemos que eso es muy complicado.
Jörg LuiblJul 28, 2016
Sie inszenieren eine epische Odyssee über knapp ein dutzend Stunden, in der sich erzählerisch keltische Mythen und das moderne Abenteuerflair von Jules Verne treffen, während spielerisch mit jeder geöffneten Pforte und jeder neuen Fähigkeit ein Urahn namens Metroid Prime winkt. Ein tolles Spiel für Kinder und Erwachsene!
Carole QuintaineJul 19, 2016
Song of the Deep est un doux moment. Une petite bulle d'oxygène, une friandise vidéoludique qui se savoure les yeux grand ouverts pour ne rien manquer du paysage. La réalisation artistique est au poil et la poésie est au rendez-vous. Cependant, le titre reste un peu trop simple pour les amateurs de Metroidvania et souffre de quelques imprécisions que certains auront du mal a digérer.
Domenico MusicòJul 17, 2016
L'esperienza di Insomniac pesa positivamente su Song of the Deep più della qualità stessa dell'offerta, che non presenta novità di rilievo in un genere che ne avrebbe invece bisogno. Sebbene la solidità di gioco sia garantita dell'esperto team di sviluppo, diversi elementi di base sono poco approfonditi e viene lasciato sin troppo spazio all'esplorazione senza creare reali difficoltà. Nonostante si tratti di un titolo minore, ci si aspettava insomma uno sforzo creativo maggiore; così com'è, Song of the Deep è "solo" un buon gioco che diverte ma non entusiasma.
Иван ГрибовскийJul 24, 2016
Получить удовольствие от Song of the Deep, несомненно, можно. Это приятная и добротно сделанная игра. Тем не менее, ей категорически не хватает отполированности, а многочисленные спорные решения портят общее впечатление. В результате, возвращаться к ней после одного похождения вряд ли захочется. Мысли о спидране улетучатся, стоит только вспомнить о многочисленных головоломках и сражениях.
Kim OrremarkJul 13, 2016
På det stora hela är Song of the Deep ett mycket bra spel. Det kommer inte riktigt upp i samma klass som mästerverket Ori and the Blind Forest, främst är det upprepningen av pussel som blir spelets största svaghet. Lägg till på det att mycket här har redan gjorts i andra spel och är du en veteran i genren kan det kännas lite ofräscht. Kan du bortse från det och låta dig sugas in den sagolika världen Insomniac så stiligt målar upp kommer du ha en fantastisk upplevelse och kräva mer när det är slut.