Skylanders: SuperChargers

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Brian CrecenteSep 20, 2015
That such an enjoyable ending and potentially robust offering of post-game play is marred by a bulk of the game's push for paid add-ons is disappointing. That said, Superchargers remains the best of the franchise to date, delivering players into a rich tapestry of genres peopled with colorful characters, an amusing storyline and a genuinely fun experience to share with friends and family.
Alanah PearceSep 28, 2015
Adding three different and fun vehicles and extremely creative level designs to the series’ simple but reliably enjoyable action platforming gives Skylanders SuperChargers a healthy boost. Every level has you switching between approaches based on the vehicle you’re piloting, which is great for variety. That said, both the story and the approaches to boss fights are very predictable, and some things - like vehicle customization - are overly-simplified, even considering the young target audience.
Randolph RamsaySep 20, 2015
Skylanders, too, continues to pass as one of the best kid-friendly games out there, and thankfully, it's appeal doesn't stop at puberty. Skylanders SuperChargers is a fast-paced affair, never lingering in one spot for too long, always offering something new and fun to do. It's a great game to play with kids, and one grown ups shouldn't be ashamed to try.
David RobertsSep 25, 2015
Skylanders Superchargers is a competent sequel, but it lacks some of the charm of its predecessors by focusing too much on its collection of vehicles.
Steve WattsSep 29, 2015
However, there's something to be said for implementation, and between the well-designed races and more consumer-friendly gating, the machines are a strong addition. Skylanders: Superchargers didn't impress me with ingenuity like Swap Force or surprise me like Trap Team, but it's a solid series entry regardless.
Steve HannleySep 20, 2015
SuperChargers is jam-packed with enough content to fill at least two separate games and it’s all quality stuff. The platforming is as strong as ever and the kart racing is some of the best to come along in years. More still, there are enough mini-games, side-quests and collectibles peppered throughout the experience to result in an almost endless playtime. From top to bottom, SuperChargers is clearly a labor of love and fully deserves the countless hours that people of all ages will be addicted to it.
Jenni LadaSep 21, 2015
Skylanders SuperChargers is a situation where everything seems promising, but one major element doesn't live up to its potential. Regular adventuring is fun, but the second a player has to hop into a vehicle, it's a gamble as how good or bad the experience will be. If the vehicular elements were separate from the story and entirely optional, this would be the best entry in the series. But they're not and bring the rest of the game down.
Jeb HaughtOct 01, 2015
Skylanders Superchargers revs up its cyber-engine to offer fans a huge variety of vehicular and action platforming gameplay. After several iterations, this series now offers a surprising amount of depth, but it still lacks a serious challenge. Nevertheless, older gamers won't bemoan having to play this game with their children. In fact, they'll look forward to it.
Dean JamesSep 29, 2015
Skylanders may have more competition in the toys-to-life space than ever, but the series is showing no signs of slowing down. The figures required for the full experience is much lower in Skylanders Superchargers thankfully, though the racing portions do take a hit in that department. The story is still not the most compelling, but the addition of vehicle-based gameplay sections has kicked the series into overdrive with Skylanders Superchargers.
Tom OrryOct 05, 2015
Skylanders Superchargers is another solid entry in a franchise that has done gangbusters for Activision, and fans will enjoy the new vehicle gameplay and adventure-strewn story. There was a time, though, when Skylanders was an easy recommendation for young players. These days it's not such a straightforward choice, and the series may well need a rethink if it's to return to the top.
Dyani WoodSep 30, 2015
Try to get over the kids-only stigma Skylanders games might have, and let yourself enjoy playing in this world. Skylanders: Superchargers offers more than meets the eye, and you might find yourself pleasantly surprised.
T.J. DenzerSep 28, 2015
The journey is cute and I enjoyed the range of play from driving up the spine of an enormous dragon to fighting a maniac tyrant holding a kingdom in the clouds captive. It’s not without flaws and feels a little too coddling sometimes, trading risks and thrills for simplicity, but the new system offers a lot of interesting things to do and explore.
Katrine BaumgardtSep 21, 2015
epic adventure filled with high velocity and plenty of varied action. We can still complain about the pricey figurines, but the long lifespan of the game kind of makes up for it. It offers hours of entertainment for players all ages. The console doesn't have to be turned off and the portal hidden away just because the kids need to go to bed.
gamesTMNov 09, 2015
The level design is good. Gravity gates will have you platforming upside down, shrink and grow rays change the way you move through levels and defeat enemies and old stories in a library are told in a hand-drawn side-scrolling platform design. It’s a shame that the driving, flying and underwater sections quickly become so dull. There’s a fun game hidden in here – if you don’t mind trudging through a vehicular challenge every now and then.
Jim HargreavesSep 28, 2015
Overall, SuperChargers is a competent sequel and one that’s bound to keep the Skylanders fandom transfixed for yet another year. Where previous iterations have kept the series afloat using fun albeit superficial gimmicks, this latest edition feels more like a genuine step in a new direction. It’s great news all around, yet the developers at Vicarious Visions and Toys For Bob will definitely be feeling the pressure in trying to top this latest effort next year.
Dan NaylorOct 07, 2015
Skylanders may be facing tougher competition this year, but with Superchargers it’s stepped up its game to match.
Melanie EmileOct 05, 2015
Melanie superchargers her Skylanders experience with Activision's Skylanders: Superchargers.
Cesar OteroOct 08, 2015
Para quien se pensase que la licencia estaba dando visos de agotamiento, Vicarious Vision se ha sacado de la manga un toque único con el detalle de añadirle vehículos y conformar un gameplay que los usa pero no abusa de ellos en la campaña, equilibrada con las secciones de a pie.
AsherOct 13, 2015
Hay algo que hace especial a Skylanders que lo separa de su competencia, quizás hasta el día de hoy la primera idea ligada a plásticos que cobran vida ha sido la que se siente más natural y completa, cada Skylander tiene sus propias habilidades y en ocasiones varían al punto en que el mismo nivel se puede sentir completamente distinto, explorar cada rincón de los hermosos niveles con figuras que tienen ya casi cinco años a tu lado es algo súper especial, sobre todo cuando has ido subiendo su nivel y evolucionando sus habilidades a lo largo de cinco entregas, tal vez Skylanders no tenga la mejor historia, pero el encanto de sus personajes y la magia de sus locaciones es algo que me pone en modo “niño en navidad” como ningún otro videojuego en la industria, seguro, Skylanders es un gusto caro pero no necesitas quedarte pobre para disfrutarlo.
David SorianoOct 02, 2015
Las misiones adicionales son sencillamente las mejores de toda la serie y las carreras pueden ser extremadamente divertidas. Además, el hecho de que sea compatible con la totalidad de los juguetes anteriores no hace sino aumentar año tras año la sensación de satisfacción por una colección cada vez más útil. Sigue siendo un producto a un precio prohibitivo para tener la colección completa, pero al menos en esta ocasión será menos discriminatorio para alcanzar el 100%.
Sergio MartínOct 02, 2015
Una de las mejores entregas de la saga hasta el momento, la innovación que se han sacado de la manga los desarrolladores incluyendo varios tipos de vehículos diferentes nos ha parecido un gran acierto. De hecho, se trata de uno de esos juegos dos-en-uno que ofrecen variedad y diversión durante meses. Mentiríamos si no afirmáramos que posiblemente se trata de uno de los títulos infantiles más sofisticados, completos y divertidos de la actualidad. Un gran juego, y no sólo para los más pequeños.
JackBradfordOct 13, 2015
Pas de doute : avec SuperChargers, les Skylanders restent encore cette année une valeur sûre en matière de jouets connectés, puisque la présence de véhicules relance grandement l’intérêt. Même s’il faut reconnaître qu’il est toujours aussi frustrant que désagréable de devoir sortir le porte-monnaie pour avoir le droit d’accéder à l’intégralité d’un jeu déjà acheté au prix fort. Cela dit, dans l’absolu, pas besoin de débourser un centime de plus car il est possible de terminer intégralement l’aventure principale avec le contenu du pack de démarrage.
Julien HubertOct 05, 2015
Avec Skylanders Superchargers, Activision introduit une nouveauté, les véhicules, qui va certes permettre de vendre tout un tas de nouvelles figurines, mais qui surtout fait souffler le vent frais de la nouveauté sur une formule qui ronronnait un peu. Il réussit donc là où Trap Team avait partiellement échoué. Bonheur supplémentaire pour les jeunes fans de la série : il ne s'arrête pas en si bon chemin et propose également un jeu plus abouti que jamais en termes de contenu et de possibilités.
Laurely BirbaOct 01, 2015
Compte tenu qu'il s'agit de personnages Nintendo, en faisant pivoter leur statuette respective, celle-ci peut faire office d'amiibo sur Wii U, 3DS et New 3DS. Un cross over qui ne manquera pas de faire sourire, quand on sait que Shigeru Miyamoto et ses collaborateurs n'avaient pas cru au succès de la licence quand le projet leur fut présenté il y a quelques années. Deux milliards de dollars de recettes plus tard, le réveil semble bien tardif.
Aníbal GonçalvesNov 03, 2015
O veterano das figuras NFC consegue reinventar-se a cada ano que passa, não evitando cair em algum cansaço do ponto de vista narrativo. Resolveu parte do problema da repetitividade com a inclusão de veículos, mas isso acabou por aumentar a dificuldade que revela em esconder o seu modelo de negócio.
Andrea PalmisanoOct 30, 2015
Skylanders SuperChargers è un momento importante per il franchise, così come lo fu Swap Force che introdusse la meccanica del salto: in questo caso, Vicarious Visions ha voluto rimettere mano ad una formula di gioco che rischiava di giungere ad una fase di stanca rinfrescandola grazie ai veicoli. Le sezioni a bordo di mezzi di terra, aria o acqua donano una varietà finora sconosciuta alla serie e sebbene non sempre funzioni tutto in maniera perfetta, il risultato finale è comunque estremamente apprezzabile.
Simone SolettaSep 28, 2015
Fa sempre piacere, inoltre, capire come gli sviluppatori non dimentichino chi ha investito molto nella serie, negli anni passati: le trappole, gli oggetti speciali e, soprattutto, gli Skylanders già posseduti possono ancora essere usati, anche se in alcuni casi in modo meno significativo rispetto al passato. Tecnicamente bellissimo, divertente da giocare e sufficientemente vario per rinnovare la sua formula senza snaturarla… un nuovo Skylanders, insomma.
Gerard OlsderOct 07, 2015
Skylanders SuperChargers is een veelzijdige game geworden. Het voelt als een combinatie van Diddy Kong Racing, Mario Kart: Double Dash!! en Skylanders. Prima gezelschap om leentjebuur bij te spelen. Als je toch inspiratie op het gebied van gameplay bij concurrentie haalt, dan kun je dat maar beter bij de beste games in het genre doen. Hoewel Skylanders SuperChargers nooit echt uitdagend wordt, is de hoeveelheid content en veelzijdigheid van de gameplay een groot pluspunt.
Mattias SörbomSep 25, 2015
Skylanders Superchargers är snyggt och polerat, fulltständigt stöd för tidigare figurer och roligt att spela. Lägg därtill fordonsläget och en mindre cart-klon inbakat, plus mängder av saker att göra och prylar att samla till dina hjältar i spelet. I mina ögon, så är detta det bästa spelet i serien och det avnjuts bäst i sällskap av barn.