Skullgirls 2nd Encore for PlayStation 4

Skullgirls 2nd Encore

Jul 7, 2015

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Developer: Lab Zero Games
Content Rating: Teen


Skullgirls 2nd Encore is the perfect fighting game for casual and competitive fighting game fans alike. Casual players will enjoy the fully voiced story mode, gorgeous animation and soundtrack by Michiru Yamane, while hardcore players will appreciate its balance, cross-platform multiplayer, and support for PlayStation®3 system fight sticks.

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Drew LeachmanJul 29, 2015
For $25, you get a fine fighting game that plays great and looks pretty amazing. Players who own the first iteration and the DLC may need to think extra hard if they really want to double dip, but fighting game fans that are looking for a flashy, complex, and fun fighting game and haven’t tried this game out yet need to pick it up.
Ben TarrantJul 16, 2015
Not as light on content as its predecessors, the core mechanics of Skullgirls continues to work beautifully on almost every level. Staggeringly good animation dolls up its unforgiving control scheme, while the bonkers roster provides innumerable strategies and play styles. It’s brutish welcome is certain to dissuade many newcomers with unrelenting AI and unnecessarily obscure move lists, but those that make it past the opening trials will be rewarded with one of the most unique and charming 2D fighters in a long time.
Steven HillAug 06, 2015
Skullgirls remains a fine fighter with finesse and an interesting solution to excessive imbalance. The game boasts a brilliant implementation of GGPO netplay, and a sublime tutorial. However, 2nd Encore misfires with a lack of winner-stays-on lobbies at launch, quite a small roster, perfunctory story mode, and the game's art style – superb in places – feels needlessly cheapened at times.

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