Skater XL for PlayStation 4

Skater XL

Jul 28, 2020
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Skater XL is the evolution of skateboarding games and moves the genre towards expressive, physics-based gameplay. Players will experience unparalleled board control and responsiveness while they skate legendary real-world skate spots. With ground-breaking and intuitive controls, skateboarding in a video game has never felt more authentic, fluid, and responsive.

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Jaz SagooAug 05, 2020
Skater XL is a strong proof of concept but it’s currently incomplete. It has successfully created a physics-based control system that is both complex and rewarding. This will appeal to skaters as it’s the closest that video games have got to simulating the sport, however, Easy Days Studios has failed to gamify the experience.
Sammy BarkerAug 07, 2020
Once you overcome Skater XL’s learning curve there’s some fun board-based entertainment to be had here. But this is a lightweight package with subpar presentation, and unless you’re so deep into skater culture that you absolutely need a simulation for your PS4, we’d recommend either waiting for this to be updated – or pre-ordering Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 instead.
RobotsFightingDinosaursAug 03, 2020
Skater XL is a sandbox, yes, but it's a sandbox without toys. Or other people to play with. And that's not really a sandbox at all — it's a desert. If I wanted to make a fool out of myself skating awkwardly and injuring myself in hilarious ways in a barren, depressing landscape devoid of people, I'd just grab my own board and head outside.

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