Shing! for PlayStation 4


Aug 27, 2020
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Developer: Mass Creation
Content Rating: Teen


Experience the most exciting and immersive beat-em-up combat system ever – become a kickass ninja and slice some demons in style! Join a band of wisecracking warriors in a bloody adventure through the land of mythical monsters and mysterious machines.

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FragnarokNov 25, 2020
Shing! teeters between generic and irritating. The unique controls never feel exactly right for the situations, most of which can be overwhelming and challenging the first time through. The game fails to fully click and finally become fun. The setting and humor further detract from the experience. Only dedicated beat’em players should pick this up, for the rest there are far more superior options available on PlayStation 4.
Adrian BurrowsSep 11, 2020
If you'd have told me before I played Shing! that I would like a control scheme that see's you launch combo attacks with an analogue stick, I would have karate chopped your kidney in anger. Ultimately, you would have been right. It's a control scheme that innovates, is accessible and offers a degree of combo flexibility not seen in more traditional beat 'em ups.
Dan TwohigSep 18, 2020
The art style, combat and humour make for a highly entertaining experience for anyone interested in a co-op experience with a retro brawler feel. Despite not having the same single player appeal and a couple of short comings this time round, Shing! is a promising new IP that can only improve its formula for future iterations.

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