Shape of the World for PlayStation 4

Shape of the World

Jun 5, 2018
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Shape of the World is an ephemeral first-person exploration game where the world grows around you in a procedurally populated environment. Exploration is about intentionally getting lost and the joy of being found again. Your presence is the driving force behind the evolving environment as you establish permanent monuments to mark your way. Without your presence, will the forest still come alive?

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Matthew FordeJun 05, 2018
Promising a world where you can get lost and yet find peace is a hard sell, though when everything falls into place, Shape of the World provides some noteworthy moments. Expressed remarkably well through the environments in terms of music, where the task at hand may not enthrall players for longevity, the use of color takes advantage and gives charm. As captivating as the greenery and creatures are, it’s the bugs internally that regrettably let this high-aspirational adventure falter.
Phil NeymanJun 05, 2018
A single play-through can be completed in as little as one hour, but this isn’t a game that focusing on completing it and moving on. You play Shape of the World the same way you want to live your life – it’s not about getting to the end as quickly as you can, it’s about the journey and the paths you take along the way.
Jake HillsJun 08, 2018
So does it succeed? It’s hard to say. It is certainly a pretty game. The minimalist polygon planes are very evocative, the sound design is lovely, and the abundant bloom lighting creates a mood. There’s sort of a goal (get to the next triangle) and when you achieve it, the art style shifts. But I didn’t really find it relaxing, I found it boring. And I never got over feeling perplexed.