School Girl/Zombie Hunter

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Robert GrossoDec 11, 2017
It’s not even in a “so bad it’s good” kind of mold like Deadly Premonition or even Xtreme Beach Volleyball, it’s just outright terrible on all accounts. Only the hardest of the hardcore fans of the OneeChanbara series would likely enjoy a game like SG/ZH; otherwise, there are better titles out there that are just as gratuitous while being competently well designed.
Chris ShiveNov 20, 2017
Onechanbara Z2 is actually a better alternative to this title, if that tells you anything, since it provides the same level of fan service but with better visuals, music and combat. School Girl/Zombie Hunter is basically Lollipop Chainsaw without the fun or any of latter’s redeeming qualities.
Robert RamseyNov 20, 2017
School Girl/Zombie Hunter is a rough, low budget release that's a guilty pleasure for all of a few minutes. Awful cutscenes pepper a forgettable story mode, and the online co-op is stunted. Rather than being so bad that it's actually good, the game's simply below average, weighed down by too many issues. 
Azario LopezNov 16, 2017
Like a stated before, if you enjoy mindlessly killing zombies and half-naked anime girls than you might find a great deal of fun in School Girl/Zombie Hunter, but if you’re looking for a decent playing experience, I feel like you’d be let down. I hope to see Tamsoft continue to develop new IPs, but hopefully next time they’ll give the game a good amount of QA before pushing it to release.
Mikhail MadnaniNov 29, 2017
School Girl/Zombie Hunter isn’t really a great B movie game either. While there is some good stuff here and you’d be able to enjoy this for a bit, there are much better games to buy even to satiate your fan service and B movie-like needs. If you’ve wanted to shoot and kill zombies while playing as a half naked girl, look no further. The fan service and jank will be worth your time. Everyone else should wait for a discount to satiate their curiosity. This is another one of those games that I’m shocked got localized, but I’m glad it did get a release in the West.
Mathias OertelDec 14, 2017
Natürlich ist es auf Dauer trotz passabler Missions-Variationen zu redundant, während der Online-Modus für bis zu fünf Spieler sein ganzes Potenzial mit Mega-Lags ausradiert. Doch unter dem Strich bekommt man hier geradlinige sowie unkomplizierte „Ohne-Sinn-und-Verstand“-Ballereien gegen haufenweise Zombies.