Samurai Warriors 4-II for PlayStation 4

Samurai Warriors 4-II

Sep 29, 2015
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Developer: Koei Tecmo
Content Rating: Teen


Samurai Warriors 4-II is a hero-focused saga. Unlike the previous Samurai Warriors games that focused on delivering their narrative by exploring the various regions of feudal Japan, this title casts a spotlight on the characters themselves and tells their stories through 13 exciting new chapters. These chapters revolve around nine characters introduced in Samurai Warriors 4, three fan-favourites from previous titles and a brand new addition to the samurai roster.

Critic Reviews

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Ken McKownOct 09, 2015
Samurai Warriors 4-II is a weird step in the series. It isn’t a typical remake or sequel, and it would almost benefit if it didn’t carry the numbered moniker, even if it does share a lot in common with the previous game. Still, it is yet another solid entry in the series. Omega Force has become a machine at crafting these, and for those not yet tired of the setting, there is still a copious amount of fun to be had here.
Jim SterlingOct 09, 2015
Samurai Warriors 4-11 bases itself on one of the best possible Warriors games, and therefore its core gameplay is of undeniable quality. It’s a great game by all accounts. However, most of what makes it great was sold to us a year ago, so while there’s still a ton of fun to be had, I am not going to be singing its praises a second time.
Damian SeetoOct 04, 2015
Samurai Warriors 4-II offers everything that fans want from a hack-n-slash game from Koei Tecmo and developer Omega Force. There are several levels to play through and an impressive list of playable characters. However, the repetitive style of gameplay might get tiresome for some and the lack of innovative gameplay means this game doesn’t bring anything new to the table.

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