Saints Row IV: Re-Elected + Gat out of Hell for PlayStation 4

Saints Row IV: Re-Elected + Gat out of Hell

Jan 20, 2015
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Developer: Volition Inc.
Content Rating: Mature


After saving the world from a terrorist attack the leader of the 3rd Street Saints is elected to become President of the United States. Things go reasonably well for The President until an alien warlord named Zinyak attacks the white house and abducts his entire cabinet. Now stuck inside a reality bending simulation, the President and the Saints fight to save themselves, Earth, and the entire galaxy… and if that all sounds crazy to you, trust us: we’re just getting started.

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Jul 18, 2020

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Tom OrryJan 19, 2015
Gat out of Hell gives you more stuff to do, and is mildly entertaining while it lasts, but it's not a patch on the core game it comes with. If thought of as the side course to the main dish, this is fine. Newcomers will find a lot to enjoy, but there's little reason to return if a dive into Hell is what you were looking forward to.
Mikel ReparazJan 19, 2015
Saints Row IV is just as much silly, largely challenge-free fun in Re-Elected as it was originally, even if it doesn't look as impressive as other recent remasters. Gat out of Hell’s short but fun demonic adventure doesn’t really justify re-buying the whole thing, but the Re-Elected package is the best way to experience Saints Row IV’s power trip for the first time.
Joseph TrotterFeb 04, 2015
Saints Row has always been hurt by such a comparison, but that is almost irrelevant compared to the main criticism that should be levelled at this release, namely that neither game in this package is coherent enough as a whole to really satisfy or offer a genre-defining experience. Both are fun, at times riotous, but are let down by deep flaws and an inability to convince the player that there is a huge amount of substance behind the bravado. As a package it offers decent value for fans, but they may be the only ones who truly appreciate the effort.

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