Rock of Ages II: Bigger and Boulder for PlayStation 4

Rock of Ages II: Bigger and Boulder

Aug 28, 2017
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Developer: ACE Team
Content Rating: Everyone10+


The greatest 'giant rocks rolling through historical/artistic ages' tower defense game is back with Rock of Ages II: Bigger and Boulder. Just like the title says, Bigger and Boulder cranks up the surrealism and gameplay to be, well… BIGGER AND BOULDER. With an emphasis on the chaotic new 2-vs-2 multiplayer, new time periods, and improved graphics, physics, and destructibility powered by Unreal Engine 4, players will need to be ready for some intense rocking and rolling.

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Alex EverattSep 01, 2017
The humor will turn some people off, but that’s their loss. The gameplay is an odd blend of tower defense and bowling, and some gamers will love the change of pace – there really isn’t another game quite like this! It’s a shame ACE Team hasn’t released a demo for Rock of Ages 2, because this is definitely a game people need to at least try
Chandler WoodAug 28, 2017
Rock of Ages 2: Bigger & Boulder is smart, funny, and quirky in all the best ways. It was a big surprise to get a sequel to the 2011 PSN game, but I’m happy it did. Although I wish more effort would have been put into making the boss battles feel climactic and challenging, rather than tacked-on additions, the meat of the experience is an exciting and stylish tower defense game with a unique premise.
Samuel GuglielmoSep 03, 2017
At the end of the day, there’s not much of a difference between Rock of Ages and Rock of Ages 2: Bigger & Boulder. However, that’s not quite a bad thing. The racing and tower defense hybrid is still unique and fun at its best, even if the boss fights and AI let the game down some. If you enjoyed the original then you can safely hop in here and enjoy it again, though if you weren’t a fan then Rock of Ages 2 won’t do much to change your mind.