River City Girls

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Stephen WildsSep 06, 2019
One of the original beat ‘em up franchises is back and it hasn’t felt this good to knuckle up in quite a while. As with the games that came before it, River City Girls is a brawler and RPG spliced together to create an amazing and silly adventure that provides a ton of fun.
Ricky FrechSep 05, 2019
With all of that said, I think a lot of your personal enjoyment with River City Girls comes down to how you feel about beat ’em ups. This is a good one of those, but if it’s not your genre, I’m not sure if it’s worth recommending. On the other hand, Kunio-Kun diehards will probably love this game. It’s an excellent matchup of beautiful aesthetics, great music, and satisfying combat. So go find the Misako to your Kyoko, hit your local dojo, and get ready to save your boyfriends.
Chris MoyseSep 02, 2019
River City Girls succeeds in evolving both the Kunio-kun series and the brawler genre itself, offering entertaining gameplay, brilliant visuals, an amazing soundtrack and fun combat. While brawler fatigue, minor narrative flaws and a slim package threaten the experience, great characters, a reverence for the lore and addictive co-op gameplay prevail, ensuring Kyoko and Misako keep their fists flying to the very last round.
Redmond CarolipioApr 27, 2020
I'd classify River City Girls as a fun, anime-inspired romp that's worth the time if you're looking for a balance between the visceral satisfaction you get from pummeling enemies on-screen and some of the off-center humor one can find in pieces like "Scott Pilgrim vs The World." It has that kind of vibe, and it's a great change of pace from the more heavy-handed stuff out there.
Alan WenSep 14, 2019
There’s a fair bit of replayability, from taking on side quests as well as destroying the yakuza boss statues located around town, and even bonus unlockable characters. But ultimately, for all its entertaining style, I would have had a better time if River City Girls had been a shorter, more streamlined brawler that let me get back up to fight again instead of pinching my lunch money.
GameCentralSep 06, 2019
A fantastic scrolling beat ‘em-ups that shows exactly how the genre can be evolved and modernised, while also indulging in some gloriously retro presentation and throwbacks.
Alex StintonSep 06, 2019
With a bright, pixel art infused splash, River City Girls throws you headlong into an old-school brawler that at times evokes the best of the genre. Whether you line it up against Streets of Rage, the rather excellent Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game, or River City Ransom – a title which you’ll be unsurprised to hear River City Girls has a direct lineage to – it hits all the familiar highs and lows, while throwing in a few twists that mean it’s not just a by the numbers retro title.
Adrian BurrowsOct 02, 2019
I wanted to love River City Girls. A modern side scrolling beat 'em up, from a proven developer like WayForward, with bright, bold visuals, and two kick-ass heroines should have been great. Instead, thanks to way too much repetitive grinding, River City Girls is a bit boring. Something I never thought I'd say about a game that has high school children hitting zombie cheerleaders with wrenches.
John-Paul JonesSep 05, 2019
A smashingly great side-scrolling battler that is overflowing with charm, stuff to do and faces to wreck, River City Girls is utterly essential for fans of the genre.
A.J. MaciejewskiSep 05, 2019
As a huge fan of all things Kunio-kun, I must say that I'm extremely impressed with River City Girls. In fact, it may just be the best game in the franchise. Sorry if you're reading this, Kunio and Riki, but these girls proved to be more kickass than you are.
Miguel SoloSep 16, 2019
River City Girls supone la última inclusión moderna en un género clásico de clásicos como es el beat’em up en 2D. Lo hace con confianza y chulería, y su personalidad traspasa la pantalla transmitiéndonos un universo vibrante y colorido. Sus excelentes protagonistas y su humor son gran parte de lo que hace funcionar este título, que por lo demás se apoya en mecánicas y convenciones sobradamente testadas y que aunque introduce pequeñas ideas interesantes aquí y allí, en ningún momento estas alteran el núcleo de una experiencia basada enteramente en el machacabotones tradicional.
Ramón VarelaSep 06, 2019
En definitiva, River City Girls equilibra bien lo que se puede esperar de un beat' em up -acción sin freno, variedad de ataques- con algo de aparente libertad. Puede ser tan profundo como desees, experimentar con diferentes compañeros, protagonista y movimientos: las herramientas para evitar la repetitividad están ahí. Si no eres fan del género este título no te hará cambiar de opinión, pero si te gusta y buscas algo que no sea el enésimo recopilatorio de juegos retro, desde luego esta es una de las mejores propuestas en mucho tiempo.
DottorKillexOct 18, 2019
Wayforward ha osato più di quanto pensassimo, con River City Girls, proponendo una manciata di idee nuove per il genere (dalla mappa semi-aperta alla possibilità di reclutare alcuni nemici) che, sulla carta, sono decisamente apprezzabili. La loro esecuzione, tuttavia, non è sempre esente da difetti, e non tutti apprezzeranno il ritmo assai meno elevato rispetto ai classici del genere, ma il risultato finale rimane comunque apprezzabile, soprattutto per coloro i quali giocano abitualmente in compagnia di un amico.
DeCainJan 28, 2020
Ak ste fanúšikom pixel artu, choďte do toho. Ak ste fanúšikom beat 'em  up žánru, choďte do toho. Ak vás baví anime, znova platí, neváhajte a skúste River City Girls. Takmer všetko je v hre dotiahnuté na výbornú. A aj keď v tabuľke mínusov sú napísané nejaké negatíva, nenechajte sa nimi odradiť, sú vlastne malicherné a dajú sa akceptovať. River City Girls napriek drobným nedostatkom stoja stoja za to.