Risen 3: Titan Lords - Enhanced Edition for PlayStation 4

Risen 3: Titan Lords - Enhanced Edition

Aug 21, 2015
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Developer: Piranha Bytes
Content Rating: Mature


The world has been abandoned by its gods and is scarred from the rampage of the Titans. Humanity is struggling to regain strength and rally its forces. You, however, have more pressing concerns: Your own life has been shattered and you must set off to reclaim what is lost amidst the darkness that is spreading throughout the world. Who knows, maybe you'll even save the world at the same time? Three threads of destiny lie before you. Three ways to rise up against the Titans and regain your soul. Which path will you take?

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Justin CelaniAug 21, 2015
Risen has had an interesting history of console ports, with the first game getting extremely downgraded in order to run on the original 360. When Risen 2 released, it stayed true to the original content more so, but still had issues. Risen 3 seemed to follow in its footsteps but with even more technical issues. Risen 3 enhanced edition is now the best console version of the game series, period.
Mike CosimanoAug 21, 2015
Frustrating, ugly, broken, irritating, dull -- I cannot recommend this game to a single person. Even if you enjoyed it on PC, there is no way the busted PS4 version is worth a double-dip. If you want pirates, play Assassins' Creed IV. If you want epic fantasy, play Dragon Age: Inquisition or The Witcher: Wild Hunt. If you want a combination of the two, know that desire could lead you down a very dark road. Please do not buy Risen 3. It is a very bad game.
Alex StintonAug 25, 2015
In a perfect world, remasters and enhanced editions would be reserved for games that fall into one of two categories: classics and underappreciated gems. Unfortunately, Risen 3: Titan Lords - Enhanced Edition is neither. Improved visuals and a few more quests just aren't enough to turn the tide of opinion on this wreck, and with other RPGs since its initial release raising the bar even higher than before, it would have been better if – unlike the game's hero – this title had stayed dead.