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Justin McElroyMay 25, 2017
This is perhaps the most damning and instructive thing I can say about Rime. Save for its manipulative final moments, I spent the of the entirety of the game completely stone-faced. I felt only a detached appreciation for visuals and music that, because of the monotonous game they envelop, never congeal into something really moving. No giggles of delight, no gasps of wonder, just ... nothing.
Marty SlivaMay 26, 2017
Rime’s superficial beauty and interesting mysteries provided enough enjoyment to make me willing to put up with its shallow and familiar elements under the hood. While nothing about Rime is necessarily bad, you can find more interesting versions of nearly every single element of it in other, better games.
Pramath ParijatMay 26, 2017
RIME leaves such an impression that it is hard to hold its failings against it too much. It manages to live up to the years of hype and expectation, and it delivers an unforgettable experience along the way.
Richard WalkerMay 25, 2017
As games of this type go, RiME is among the best, its picturesque world one you'll want to spend time in and return to once the narrative has run its course. A stunning, dreamlike experience.
Kyle HilliardMay 25, 2017
Rime’s world and story are where it shines. It pulls the player through strange seemingly disconnected environments, slowly revealing its true meaning as you move deeper. In the end, everything is sharply pulled into focus with a simple, but dramatic final story revelation and level. It made me want to replay the game from my new perspective and even seek out the collectibles I had earlier written off as unnecessary.
Jim SterlingJun 02, 2017
If it had controlled better and its “emotional” bullet points didn’t come off like “sad indie game does a sad thing” convention, the potential is there for this to be an all-time great. As it is, RiME offers a fantastically designed world with some neat obstacles and a superb linear flow, held back by technicalities and instances of the banal.
Chris CarterMay 25, 2017
I was really torn on Rime until I got caught up in its emotional ending, capped off by a fantastic unexpected chapter select reveal. I really saw what Tequila Works was trying to do by the time the curtain closed and it ended up spurring another partial playthrough in the process. Even during its most underwhelming moments Rime got a response out of me, and I'll remember it for years to come.
Caty McCarthyMay 25, 2017
Rime is a beautiful, beautiful game that manages to feel remarkably empty, even in the face of its earnest attempts. The aesthetic that breathes life into the island of Rime feels a bit too familiar, but it doesn't dampen its vast, ever-photographable horizons. Nonetheless, Rime is a light third-person adventure game with quiet puzzle solving, in a year where we haven't had much of those, which alone makes it a worthwhile respite.
Chandler WoodMay 25, 2017
On the surface Rime is a great looking adventure full of puzzles set in a mysterious and living environment. At its core, Rime is something so much more. By weaving stunning art and engaging gameplay with a brutally emotional narrative, Rime blurs the line between touching the heart and entertaining the player in a way that few games have truly achieved.
Joey ThurmondJun 04, 2017
RiME doesn’t do anything innovative with its mechanics or design, blatantly following in the footsteps of its aforementioned muses. Under most circumstances, this and its simple gameplay wouldn’t be much to take notice of, but what it has to tell narratively, musically, and visually gives it an emotional core that will radiate enough to keep your interest afloat.
Ed OrrJun 13, 2017
It would be unfair to rob you of the chance to experience Rime first hand. It is not a hardcore puzzle game. It is a moving story, painted on a gorgeous canvas, that absolutely demands your time. While it cannot escape the obvious comparisons to other, more challenging, experiences it still stuck with me. The game’s collectible lullabies and soundtrack are still firmly on repeat and I cannot deny that I was charmed by it. If you have an afternoon or two to spare and are willing to lose yourself in the great beyond, Rime is out now.
Rory WoodMay 25, 2017
While Rime’s long trek from announcement to delivery may have been tough to endure for those initially struck by its ethereal charm, the wait has been worth it. Rime is thoughtful, intelligently designed, and satisfyingly accomplishes the emotional experience it strives to deliver. It’s Journey meets The Last Guardian, and while individual elements of Rime feel familiar at times, the way they’re combined make for a unique and memorable experience.
Oscar DayusMay 25, 2017
Rime's artistry is unquestionable. Each world is enchanting in its own way, from the naturalistic peace of the first to the abstract doom of the last. Its soundtrack is similarly beautiful, capable of evoking wonder, tension, and fear in equal measure. But when compared to its influences like Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, and Journey, it doesn't hold up too well. Consistent navigation problems, some frustrating puzzles, fiddly platforming, and severe frame rate dips make Rime feel like a well-dressed tribute act.
Logan MooreMay 25, 2017
RiME is a perfect example of just how impactful and important video games can be when looking to branch out and tell meaningful stories in new, unconventional ways. RiME joins an elite list in my mind of video games that everyone should experience in their lifetime. There’s no question to me that video games are indeed art and RiME is a masterpiece of the medium.
Evan SleadMay 25, 2017
Rime captures the essence of adventure through its mysterious locale’s various paths, inviting visuals, and well-designed puzzles, but it also seeks to use its gameplay mechanics as a storytelling device. While variety isn’t strong throughout its run, the world created offers an experience that—at least for one playthrough—is worth taking.
Sam PrellMay 25, 2017
An intoxicating, memorable journey, with smart puzzles and a resonant story.
Colm AhernMay 25, 2017
Other games of its ilk may punch harder on their message, and the challenge here is all but non-existent. But RiME is a beautiful painting come to life, backed by an exceptional score that will make your journey across this island a joy.
Stefan LMay 25, 2017
Tequila Works’ efforts these past few years have delivered a game that’s full of beguiling charm and beauty, one that can stand up to many of the comparisons with some of the most fondly remembered games of the last decade. It doesn’t always meet those high standards, but Rime has been well worth the wait.
GameCentralMay 26, 2017
RiME is not quite the game it wants to be, but while it lacks the profundity it was clearly aiming for the surface level puzzle-solving and exploration can still be enjoyable. But as you note the obvious inspirations it’s hard not to acknowledge that RiME’s various elements all worked better in the games they originally came from.
Stephen TailbyMay 25, 2017
Tequila Works’ long-awaited title takes you on a heartfelt adventure through large, open areas full of personality and imaginative puzzles. Comparisons to the likes of Journey or ICO were inevitable, and while it can imitate a little too closely, it has just enough fresh ideas to set it apart. Its clean and colourful presentation is backed up by a truly excellent soundtrack, and the story conjures up some wonderful moments along its fairly brief duration. Those looking for a fun, cohesive, and original puzzle platformer could do far worse than investing some time in RiME.
Anders Baad MaiMay 29, 2017
The sources of inspiration are many and clear, but throughout the experience, a certain identity of its own emerges. The backstory of the island's many lives and many perished civilisations makes the surroundings feel meaningful and magical, and that is, ultimately, the greatest compliment you can give a fantasy universe. It feels magical and real at the same time. The game stumbles a couple of times, but when it stands proud on its two feet, it's as sure of itself as the staples of the genre.
Mark "Mr Black" BrearleyMay 25, 2017
Rime is a triumph of storytelling and game design. The beautiful hand crafted world is a joy to explore and the puzzles are fun to complete. Stunning visuals and a stellar score, combined with a deeply personal and emotional story create a truly unforgettable experience that will resonate with players for years to come.
Albert LichiMay 28, 2017
If it weren't for some technical inconsistencies, such as the frame rate and the overly braindead platforming, Rime could be a perfect adventure game. There is so much love and care poured into it that can be seen and heard just by playing it, which makes it an extremely cathartic experience. It is not often that there is a video game that can result in such a positive emotional response and succeed as a legitimate fun video game, and for that, Tequila Works must be commended. Rime is every bit as good as the games that it was inspired by, and in some cases, it supersedes them.
Chris WhiteMay 25, 2017
If you’ve been looking forward to play RiME, you’re not going to be disappointed. From the game’s stunning soundtrack and beautifully stylish worlds to it’s interesting puzzles and powerful story, there’s so many reasons to play. If you’ve been struggling to find happiness or positivity with the recent events of the world, RiME is here to hold your hand. There maybe a few framerate dips towards the middle of the game, and the end, but they’re not enough to hamper your enjoyment. I think everybody needs to play this right now.
Neil BoltMay 25, 2017
What RiME does so well is marry pleasing puzzle platforming to a tender, understated story, and then puts it in a beautifully bleak world filled with mystery. RiME takes the baton from the likes of Journey and Ico, and strides to victory with ease.Tequila Works takes aspects of those classics, and puts a personal touch on the results to create something special.
Andi GarnettMay 30, 2017
Rime may have aimed for the stars and come up short, but it nonetheless sits atop a mountain as a good game – just not a great one. A typical playthrough takes 10–12 hours, and additional playthroughs actually show the narrative through a much clearer lens. There are also a bunch of fun achievements / trophies that you’re unlikely to encounter the first time around, and collectibles carry across playthroughs – great news for completionists.
Sergio MeleroMay 25, 2017
A modo de recapitulación estamos realmente aliviados de poder afirmar, sin miedo a equivocarnos, que Tequila Works ha hecho valer estos años de trabajo para regalarnos una gran aventura, preciosa en lo artístico y emocionante a nivel dramático. Piedras en el camino han encontrado, y no pocas, aunque han sabido anteponerse a los problemas gracias a su perseverancia y buen hacer.
Álvaro CastellanoMay 25, 2017
Tequila Works se ratifica como un estudio a tener en cuenta con este espectacular RiME. Un videojuego muy hermoso en lo formal, pero que también emplea el ingenio de sus diseñadores para crear una experiencia con una fuerte personalidad. Sí, te puede recordar a otros productos del mercado en tráilers o imágenes, pero creéme si te digo que cuando lo juegas encuentras que es un producto muy único.
Alejandro AlcoleaMay 25, 2017
RiME es una lección sobre cómo hacer videojuegos. La ambientación es soberbia y el diseño de niveles es muy inteligente. La narrativa es sublime y la banda sonora original es sobrecogedora. Sin duda, uno de los juegos imprescindibles de este año.
Jorge CanoMay 25, 2017
RiME es una aventura preciosa, entretenida y bien llevada en lo jugable, espectacular en el apartado audiovisual. Un viaje cautivador con exploración, puzles y plataformas que si bien no resulta demasiado original en nada de lo que propone, si te gustan este tipo de juegos estamos seguros que te va a encantar.
Jörg LuiblMay 25, 2017
Herzlichen Glückwunsch an Tequila Works! RiME ist ein überaus stimmungsvolles Abenteuer, in dem Erkundung, Akrobatik sowie Rätsel angenehm ineinander fließen. Zwar hätten Letztere noch etwas knackiger sein können, aber man löst überaus abwechslungsreiche Aufgaben, in denen man mit Tieren, Kisten, Schaltern, Licht und Perspektive logisch kombinieren muss, während man vor monumentalen Kulissen kraxelt oder düstere Labyrinthe durchquert.
Gianni MolinaroMay 25, 2017
Avec RiME, Tequila Works nous offre une aventure dont on devrait se souvenir longtemps. Un jeu simple, sans chichis, séduisant, mystérieux, qui provoque un mini big-bang émotionnel lorsque l'on comprend son sens, dans une fin qui laisse sans voix. Un petit diamant que l'on pourra ranger respectueusement entre Journey et Brothers : A Tale of Two Sons. Rien que ça.
Matthieu HurelMay 25, 2017
Un titre honnête qui avance quelques idées propres, surfe beaucoup sur celles de ses prédécesseurs et en livre une vision un peu édulcorée mais pas inutile, surtout si vous n'avez pas goûté aux influences - conscientes ou pas - de Tequila Works. S'il ne repartira pas avec la palme de la subtilité, de l'originalité ou de la claque technique, c'est un jeu mélancolique parfois très beau et relativement équilibré qui se laisse traverser sans déplaisir majeur en l'espace d'une poignée d'heures.
KaarajMay 25, 2017
D'une narration et d'une prise en main sommaire à l'origine, il s'affine à pas feutrés sur tous les plans et aboutit à une jolie fin apportant un nouveau regard sur un titre que l'on se plaisait déjà à regarder, justement. Avec un brin de caractère supplémentaire et de peaufinage technique, Rime aurait même pu lorgner un peu plus haut et se loger à côté des chefs d’œuvre du genre.
Maxime ChaoMay 26, 2017
S’il est vrai que le jeu s’inspire beaucoup d’œuvres marquantes comme les productions de Fumito Ueda (ICO, The Last Guardian), celles de thatgamecompany (Journey) ou bien encore de la série The Legend of Zelda, RiME arrive quand même à imposer sa propre personnalité. Ce trait de caractère, on le retrouve tout d’abord dans son histoire, simple il est vrai, mais dont le dénouement – inattendu – risque de créer chez vous un choc émotionnel.
Rui CraveirinhaJun 09, 2017
Em boa verdade, não é a primeira vez que a Tequilla joga com esta táctica: “Deadlight” também citava profusamente “Another World” sem por isso deixar de permanecer alheio ao que faz de “Another World” um clássico. Em ambos os casos, o estúdio deixou-nos jogos mornos e simpáticos, experiências que nos aconchegam por evocarem as suas gloriosas fontes.
Domenico MusicòMay 26, 2017
Sebbene abbia elementi che ricordano ICO, Journey e Wind Waker, RiME è più di un insieme di idee pescate altrove. È un gioco sul dolore e la perdita, un intenso racconto silente che ha il potere di scuotervi nel profondo.
Marco MotturaMay 25, 2017
RiME è un videogioco imperfetto ma capace di andare straordinariamente al di là dei suoi stessi limiti. Pregevole da vedere ed eccellente da ascoltare (la colonna sonora è davvero formidabile), si lascia giocare esaltando più per i meriti audiovisivi, per le atmosfere sognanti e per il level design elaborato e architettonicamente coerente piuttosto che per il gameplay vero e proprio, contraddistinto da una linearità di fondo, da fasi platform un po' banali e da enigmi mai particolarmente brillanti o sfiziosi.
Олег ЗайцевJun 01, 2017
Первые два часа Rime была отличной игрой. Красивой, таинственной и мелодичной. И если поначалу я был бы рад ей поаплодировать, то к финалу это желание улетучилось. Начавшись как красочное и увлекательное приключение, Rime за считанные часы несколько раз преобразилась, но в итоге все изменения пошли ей во вред. Первоначальная интрига требует подпитки, а с ней тут серьезные проблемы, равно как и с цельностью игрового мира. В итоге получилось не то чтобы плохо, но и не особенно хорошо: начальный запал быстро пропал, а потом игра закончилась. И всё.
Александр ПреймакMay 30, 2017
Игра прошла такой же тернистый и полный испытаний путь, как и ее безымянный герой. Хоть он и не Маленький принц, а его лис не станет любимцем многих поколений, на эту историю все же стоит обратить внимание. Грустная и размеренная, она может завлечь как искушенного игрока, так и новичка. Игра предельно проста, но именно в этой простоте и кроется ее прелесть.
WojtiniMay 26, 2017
RiME to baśniowa podróż jednego bohatera, która zapadnie nam w pamięci na długo. Mimo powtarzających się, w miarę prostych, zagadek, te kilka godzin będzie naprawdę dobrze spędzonym czasem.