RiftStar Raiders for PlayStation 4

RiftStar Raiders

Feb 27, 2018
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Developer: Climax Studios
Content Rating: Everyone10+


The Spiral Arm has been plunged into chaos, hordes of WarSwarm, a hive-mind of alien AI, have waged war on humanity, and it’s fallen to the poster boy for the Federation’s ‘Most Wanted’ to save the galaxy… and turn a profit. Enlist your most reliable teammates as Raiders to shoot and loot your way through 9 formidable four player co-op missions, wiping out swarms of aliens, feds and rival pirate gangs in this deep space, top down, shoot ‘em up. Collect perks and loot as you clash with mobs of enemies in intense combat and reap the rewards to craft and upgrade your ship. Customise your spacecraft with tons of combinations to create your perfect loadout, whether you want to be a tank to take the hits, a support to snatch your comrades from the jaws of death, an agile damage dealer and more.

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Nicholas PlouffeFeb 28, 2018
You’ll be used to some of the artwork that looks like it’s in the foreground but is actually in the background. You’ll be used to challenges that feel more like traps and gotcha moments than actual fair fights. When you’re used to all of that and know what to expect from each mission, Riftstar Raiders becomes an absolute blast to play. It just might take you a bit of time to get there.
Mick FraserMar 06, 2018
RiftStar Raiders is solid fun, elevated above being just another twin stick shooter by the inclusion of loot and customisation. It won’t last all that long and, aside the various mods and weapons, replay value isn’t particularly high unless you get a kick from blasting and dodging – but I’d like to report that the result of this review is a reinforced recommendation to give RiftStar Raiders a run.
Tommaso PuglieseMar 20, 2018
RiftStar Raiders è un twin stick shooter molto interessante, caratterizzato da un grado di sfida assolutamente non banale e da un approccio alle missioni spiccatamente hardcore, se consideriamo quanto spesso ci si trova di fronte all'improvvisa comparsa di orde di nemici proprio quando si pensava che la strada fosse in discesa. Le dieci missioni che compongono la campagna sono discretamente lunghe e varie, e dovrete riprovarle più volte prima di riuscire a completarle, utilizzando il loot raccolto per potenziare un equipaggiamento dal grande potenziale, fatto di armi e accessori differenti.

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