RIDE 2 for PlayStation 4


Feb 14, 2017

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Developer: Milestone S.r.l.
Content Rating: Everyone


Welcome to the temple of motorcycles, the only digital garage that will allow you to discover, transform and test the world’s fastest, most iconic and original vehicles. The top of the range of the most famous brands will await you to compete against each other in a unique videogame and show the world their full potential!

Critic Reviews

21 Reviews
Marcello ApostolicoOct 23, 2016
RIDE 2 is a game for motorcycle enthusiasts without question. However, it's a game that is lacking in excitement for the material it covers. There's a great amount of content and production values, but not a whole lot of hook to the gameplay to keep you drawn in. While die-hard motorcycle racing enthusiasts may find some enjoyment, few else will be enticed.
Nick ValdezFeb 23, 2017
There's an audience out there who is really going to appreciate what Ride 2 offers. While it's not the fanciest, I can't think of another motorcycle racer giving me as much control over my own experience as this. But the fact of the matter is Ride 2 wants a lot of time from you, and scarcely offers tangible rewards for the effort.
Steven RitzFeb 22, 2017
Ride 2 is definitely a game for racing fans, designed from the ground up with customization and realism as the foundational pillars. It’s hard to recommend if you aren’t a fan of the genre, but I would consider it a must have enthusiasts.

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