RICO for PlayStation 4


Mar 12, 2019
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Developer: Ground Shatter
Content Rating: Mature


Procedurally-generated, first-person, action-movie shooter. You play as a loose-cannon police detective, given twenty-four hours to crack a case as part of an elite organised crime taskforce, play solo or partner up with a friend in offline or online co-op for the full buddy-cop experience.

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Jul 22, 2021

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Josh WiseMar 15, 2019
Not that ‘Kick doors... shoot men’ needs any development; it’s the stuff around it. The more I played the game the more those words rose above the clamour. How frustrating that such brilliant simplicity be scuppered by strained mission design and a fragile frame rate. If you like the idea of RICO, my advice would be thus: ‘Kick doors... shoot men… wait for patch.’
TuffcubApr 10, 2019
RICO is meant meant to be played in quick bursts of ridiculous action. Spend too long with the game and infinite loop of smashing doors and clearing rooms becomes rather tiresome, but that's fine, not every game has to be an epic that requires you to bring a packed lunch. It may not be the best looking title, and it does have a few technical hiccups, but for a quick hit of over the top action it works really well, even more so if you have a friend to join in.
Roy WoodhouseMar 18, 2019
So, to summarise, while Rico won't be a contender for game of the year, it does bring a lot of fun to the table. It's simple, well-designed and unashamedly fun. Sure, it comes with a host of issues, such as similar-looking levels and a lack of enemy types, and there are cheap ways to kill them, but it still provides you with plenty of entertainment.

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