Re:ZERO - Starting Life in Another World: The Prophecy of the Throne for PlayStation 4

Re:ZERO - Starting Life in Another World: The Prophecy of the Throne

Jan 30, 2021
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Developer: Spike Chunsoft
Content Rating: Teen


One month after Subaru’s new life in another world began, an emissary sent by the royal castle suddenly appears with news that the royal selection has been postponed, but offers no reason as to why. The postponement of this grand event that decides the next ruler of the Kingdom of Lugunica stirs Subaru and his friends into action. They return to the royal capital only to find that a sixth candidate has claimed their stake for the throne. But the Dragon Stone prophesizes that only five candidates would be chosen. With one candidate being an imposter, suspicions are immediately cast toward one woman in particular: Emilia. What answers lie beyond the mysterious web of assassinations, betrayal, and conspiracies…?

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Paulmichael ContrerasJan 22, 2021
Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World: The Prophecy of the Throne should please fans of the novel/anime. It doesn’t do enough to explain the world Subaru finds himself in, but the game’s album does attempt to rectify this. At any rate, The Prophecy of the Throne is an easy to digest visual novel with fun artwork and good voice acting, with a bit of turn-based gameplay thrown in for good measure. What more could Subaru ask for?
Kim SnaithJan 29, 2021
Its story is wholly original and engaging, if a little long-winded at times, but it’s brought to life with gorgeous animation and wonderful characterisation. It’s a shame there aren’t more gameplay sections, but what’s here is enjoyable enough.
Javier CazallasJan 30, 2021
Re:Zero llega a PS4, Nintendo Switch y PC con The Prophecy of the Throne, una nueva novela visual supervisada por Tappei Nagatsuki que hará las delicias de los fans del anime y de las visual novels, pero que no gustará tanto a aquellos que busquen o esperen una jugabilidad profunda.