Rez Infinite for PlayStation 4

Rez Infinite

Oct 13, 2016
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virtual reality headset to play.

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Developer: Enhance Games
Content Rating: Everyone10+


The ultimate version of Sega's psychodelic rail-shooter adventure Rez, fully remastered and evolved, including VR support and additional new content, all by members of the original development team.

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Adrian CR7

Aug 26, 2021
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Ahmed El-Refaey

Dec 23, 2020
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Vince IngenitoOct 12, 2016
Even if you don’t have a PSVR, Rez Infinite is still the most complete version of an imaginative cult classic with deceptively nuanced gameplay. But if you do, it’s also an impressive glimpse into the transportive power of virtual reality.
Alexa Ray CorrieaOct 12, 2016
It's hypnotic and enveloping. And it's transformative, both within itself and in the wider scheme of the experiences made possible by VR. You don't want to sleep on Rez Infinite, because with the addition of more polished visual flair and the dreamy Area X, we have a new classic for the new generation on our hands.
Jason D'AprileAug 10, 2017
Rez considers the limitations some other launch titles have tried to skirt over and provides a VR experience that just works. It’s a simple game that relies on its minimalist style to provide a thoroughly beautiful world to just fly inside of. If there’s a downside here, it’s that past the gorgeous presentation, it’s still just a straightforward targeting game. That’s not an issue for me though, because the trip is well worth it.

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