Raw Data for PlayStation 4

Raw Data

Oct 10, 2017

VR Content

Requires Playstation virtual reality headset to play.

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Game Info


About this game

Developer: Survios
Content Rating: Teen


The year is 2271. Since the Shinjuku Cataclysm of the 2080s, Neo-Shinjuku has been rebuilt and re-imagined by industrial replicators. Eden Tower dominates the skyline, the global headquarters of Eden Corporation, whose products and services dominate the world economy. Eden Corp’s benevolent-seeming founder, Chairman Shiro, unveiled its newest service: “Promotion,” a program which promises nothing less than “improved humanity.” As the secrets of the Promotion program become clearer through leaks and hacks, the reality gets far more complicated—and sinister. Does Promotion really overcome death? Is a Promoted life even a life at all? What is Eden truly collecting?

Critic Reviews

6 Reviews
Samuel GuglielmoJan 23, 2018
Raw Data showed off all these cool ideas that could have worked to really make the game fun, but by the time they show up it’s a bit too little too late. Fighting robots was fun, but got repetitive and Raw Data doesn’t do enough to try and change its scenarios up. Maybe the multiplayer would be a huge improvement, but by cutting it out of the PSVR release, I had little else to turn to. Maybe we should serve the data cooked next time.
Blake GrundmanOct 18, 2017
Unfortunately, while the ambition is certainly there, it feels like the hardware is once again preventing a standout title from achieving its potential greatness. Raw Data is an experience that is most definitely worth exploring, just don’t expect your eyes to be overwhelmed with what they see. Suit up soldier. It’s about time you cause an oil clean-up in aisle everywhere.
Derek C. MillerOct 11, 2017
Overall Raw Data is excellent VR game in nearly every aspect. Sure, you may find VR games that look slightly better or perhaps have tighter core mechanics. What you won’t find; however, is a flawed package. Raw Data is as good as it gets when it comes to VR games. Granted, it is a wave shooter and there are tons of them, but Raw Data is the reason why there are so many.


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