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Graham BanasMar 27, 2017
Rain World has massive world that can be pretty easy to get lost in and enables some real survival adrenaline rushes. Unfortunately, these positive aspects – alongside its exquisite art direction – are at odds with some of the less satisfying aspects: the slightly awkward controls, the overwhelming feeling of almost too much freedom, and the fairly constant threat of losing large chunks of progress take away from the experience.
Nic RowenMar 28, 2017
I feel so badly for this game in a way. It seems so close to being something special and wonderful, but is just undermined at every turn by baffling design choices, poor controls, and frustration. Maybe some of these issues will be addressed in a future patch and Rain World will become the game it feels like it should have been.
Miguel ConcepcionMar 31, 2017
In Rain World, the spectre of failure, often caused by events you can't control, lingers heavily. It quickly drives home the point that you're a foreigner in a ruined land where anyone larger than you wants to eat you. Its stunningly detailed backgrounds and few rewarding gameplay opportunities are vastly outweighed by its platforming imperfections and hibernation mechanic, which makes little sense in its connection to accessing new areas.
Joe SkrebelsMar 27, 2017
Rain World is a maddening thing, because of quite how special it could have been. Beautiful environments, incredible animations and enticingly hazy mechanics are fantastic, but the sheer cruelty of how it’s pieced out to the player transcends challenge and becomes an unwanted trial.
Kyle BradfordMar 27, 2017
Its constant sense of danger helps build towards the mystery of the world at large and with both food and shelter difficult to find, there’s a palpable sense of danger that you don’t often find in games like these. Sometimes feeling more like a horror game than just a straightforward stealth-platformer, Rain World is master of its tone.
James PaleyMar 29, 2017
A prey animal destined to melt in the jaws of a monsoon. Perhaps with time and tolerance, more dedicated gamers than me will finish this title. Some other kind souls will find the patience to guide this missing link and their kin to salvation. Make no mistake, this is a beautiful world. Just know that it is also a merciless one.
Dan MurphyMar 28, 2017
Sadly, despite its pretty aesthetic, Rain World is a confusing and sluggish platformer that failed to give me any reason for what I was doing and just left me feeling bored and bewildered.
GameCentralMar 29, 2017
One of the best-looking 2D games ever made, but the beautiful animation can’t compensate for the tediously unfair gameplay. The graphics are amazing, with some incredible animation and environmental effects. The platforming is awful, and far too imprecise for such a difficult game. Horribly unfair in terms of enemy and food placement. Karma requirements only add to the tedium.
Thom ComptonApr 15, 2017
Rain World has so much potential, it's infuriating to watch it crumble under the weight of trying to be difficult. There seems to be a new mantra in gaming that the game's not good unless it's brutally hard, and this is clearly misguided. If it controlled better and gave the player a bit more sympathy, Rain World would have been sublime. As it stands, though, Rain World is just an angry experience, yelling at gamers for every little mistake.
John-Paul JonesApr 15, 2017
The bountiful promise of Rain World’s grim world and the assortment of cunning creatures which inhabit it are summarily undone by fiddly controls and an overwhelmingly punishing level of difficulty. Underneath it all there’s an assuredly decent effort here; it’s just a shame that all but the most masochistically inclined will ever summon the requisite determination to plumb its intimidating depths.
Ramón VarelaApr 02, 2017
Una pena que el notable trabajo gráfico y algunas de sus ideas relacionadas con la dureza de la supervivencia para esta especie de gato/conejo/babosa quedan a la sombra de fallos que afectan desde detalles anecdóticos al pilar de su jugabilidad. Te puede entretener, pero cumpliendo una serie de requisitos muy específicos: pasión por descubrir las reglas del mundo sin prácticamente ayuda, dificultad en ocasiones injusta y aceptar un control que puede patinar en los momentos más delicados.
DarkTibtibApr 15, 2017
En effet, si l'intransigeance est inhérente à ce genre de jeux, difficile de pardonner le durcissement artificiel du challenge par l’absence pure et simple d’explications nécessaires à la compréhension de certaines mécaniques. Cependant, si voir mourir à répétition votre félimace ne vous émeut point, Rain World saura vous gratifier de paysages magnifiques, sublimés par une direction artistique aux petits oignons.
Ersin KılıçMar 31, 2017
Toparlamak gerekirse Rain World ilk etapta oldukça ilginç gelen ama tekrara düşen dinamikler altında ezilen bir oyun olmuş. Ori gibi akıcı olmadığı için ve Metroidvania dünyası yeniliklere sahip olmadığı için sıkıcı bir hal alabiliyor. Ama oyunu açıp, belli bir süre oynadıktan sonra ara verdiğinizde biraz daha keyif almaya başlıyorsunuz. Kısacası 2D platform ve piksel tarzı oyunları seviyorsanız Rain World'e göz atabilirsiniz.