Rad Rodgers for PlayStation 4

Rad Rodgers

Feb 21, 2018

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About this game

Developer: Slipgate Studios
Content Rating: Mature


Rad is a rambunctious but spirited young boy who maybe plays too many video games. After dozing off at the tail end of a long night of gaming, Rad awakens to find his dusty old console has turned itself back on. Suddenly a vortex emerges and he's sucked into his TV, where he finds himself the star in his very own video game adventure. Dusty is Rad's good-hearted but foul-mouthed, now-sentient game console. His clock speed isn't what it used to be, but what he lacks for in megahertz he makes up for with experience and attitude! Rad

Critic Reviews

8 Reviews
Alex StintonFeb 27, 2018
Rad Rodgers struggles to find its difficulty sweet spot. Spending far too much time being either too easy or frustratingly hard, the inconsistent pacing means that neither those looking for a fun romp nor a hard as nails platformer will leave satisfied. While the gameplay at its core is decent and the design of each stage provides an enjoyable variety of challenges, the crass outdated humour and the radically varying difficulty mean that Rad Rodgers falls way short of being an excellent adventure.
Blake GrundmanFeb 20, 2018
One final curious matter revolves around the game’s actual name. Originally entitled, Rad Rodgers: World One on PC, the console iteration actually drops the whole “World One” surname. Despite the name change implying that the product may be more complete and feature far more content that its original incarnation, it only adds a couple of additional levels and bonus stages.
Mick FraserMar 18, 2018
Rad Rodgers is one of those games whose attempts to be self-aware fall flat because it’s so, so gamey. It pokes fun at 90s games and is even set in the 90s, but fails to feel at all modern in any way other than the graphics, which look far too modern for the setting, if you get me. Like, if Rad is in a 90s game, shouldn’t it be pixellated? Shouldn’t it feel like you’re playing something retro? Instead you get a largely obnoxious romp with some bottom-drawer writing that really amounts to little more than an excuse to run through a bunch of by-the-numbers stages.

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