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James PaleyAug 24, 2021
Rather than score the game itself, what follows is an evaluation of the remaster. On that front, this is a fantastic release. I ran into a slight snag running it on the PS5, but that was it. Between the five campaigns, the console mods, and the multiplayer, this is a lot of bang for your buck. The controls are intuitive, the graphics are crisp, and the soundtrack is still excellent.
Graham BanasAug 30, 2021
Enemies are visually grotesque, and their blinding-rage aggression makes for an experience that, even if you’ve played previously, is a challenging experience. You have to make the most of all your weapons, although the classic strategy of “use your shotgun as often as possible” remains viable. Ditto for the rocket launcher, the weapon most closely associated with the game.
Steven MatternAug 26, 2021
Quake’s 2021 enhanced port brings a fresh coat of paint, and new content. Multiplayer keeps things simple and the lighting from weapons is bothersome, but matches are quick and the maps are well designed across the board. There are some aspects of the audio that don’t quite hit the mark. This release brings longevity to the table, opening the door for community created content to come to consoles.
garethSep 13, 2021
The fun, challenge, and action that made the game such a classic remains and the new content and enhancements not only make the game a nice trip down memory lane; it serves as an introduction to the series for those who were too young to experience it the first time around. Time has done nothing to diminish this classic and here is hoping we get more Quake in the future.
Tyler ChanceyAug 23, 2021
Nightdive Studios do a fantastic job with Quake Remastered. The 1996 classic lives yet again with some new tricks to boot.
Petter HegevallSep 06, 2021
The labyrinth structure of the levels fits the tempo and that gothic, heavy, dark aesthetic is so well implemented that it is difficult not to see today's action genre as a step in the wrong direction. Together with Nine Inch Nails' legendary soundtrack, it's easy to praise Quake for what it is - one of the absolute best action games ever created and in this version you can buy the single best and most complete version. It doesn't get much better than this.
John-Paul JonesAug 19, 2021
Arguably the modern template for so many self-styled retro shooters, Quake has returned in stunning form. A stellar remaster, Quake not only maintains the essence of id Software's classic 1996 shooter, but it meaningfully iterates upon it too with all new additional content, mod support and crossplay. At a super budget price point, there is no reason to dive into one of the very best 3D shooters of all time.
Marcello PaolilloAug 27, 2021
Quake è tornato in una versione tirata a lucido, in grado di conservare tutto il fascino del titolo uscito nei lontani anni '90, ma con tutta una serie di piccoli accorgimenti (anche e soprattutto grafici) in grado di fare la differenza. Certo, si tratta in ogni caso di un gioco "vecchio", ma è pur sempre encomiabile il tentativo di Bethesda di riportare in auge una serie ingiustamente dimenticata dai più. Sperando quindi che questa Remastered sia solo il primo accenno del grande ritorno sulle scene del franchise di Quake.
matus_aceAug 30, 2021
Quake bol, je a bude legenda. Revolučná FPS, ktorá nepriniesla prelomový príbeh a dnes už z technologického hľadiska nezaujme tak ako v roku 1996, ale stále je naozaj zábavná a jej hrateľnosť obstála v tom najťažšom súboji – v súboji so zubom času. Nejaké výhrady ku hre samozrejme môžete a asi aj budete mať, ale ukazuje silu nadčasového originálu, ktorý aj dnes zabaví viac ako mnoho jeho moderných nasledovníkov, ktorí sa snažia pripomenúť túto už relatívne dosť vzdialenú éru. Navyše hra v tejto novej verzii stojí len 9,99€ alebo ju nájdete aj v Game Passe.