Putty Squad for PlayStation 4

Putty Squad

Mar 11, 2014
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A timeless classic is reborn. Putty Squad returns in a reimagined, vibrant rendition of the popular platformer from the 90's. Help the beloved blue blob rescue his friends in the quirky adventure that has you inflating, stretching, squishing, morphing, and punching your way to victory.

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Chris CarterApr 14, 2014
One of the oddest things about the game is that it doesn't look like a PS4 release at all -- in fact, it would have been fine on the PS1, albeit without a slight visual sheen that's currently present. The good news is everything is bright so it's easy to differentiate friend from foe, but the actual visuals themselves are dull and uninspired.
Mat GrowcottDec 11, 2013
Putty Squad isn’t a good game by modern standards. It’s repetitive, confusing, dull, and a reminder that the medium has evolved. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a niche that may still enjoy this, and if you happen to squeeze into that cross-section then there’s plenty to sink your teeth into here. Everyone else looking to relive the past may be better off tackling one of the Blue Blur’s adventures, though – and letting this blue blob fester in the pipes beneath the sink.
Marcus EstradaApr 09, 2014
Much of Putty Squad’s design decisions seemed steeped in the early ’90s. Beyond actual platforming, you’ve got stars to collect as well as special stickers. Then, of course, the art looks like a much older platforming adventure than anything current. ...However, be warned that it is quite the challenge which can make it more frustrating than fun. Putty Squad is weird but it might just gain some new fans thanks to the multi-system release.

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