Push Me Pull You for PlayStation 4

Push Me Pull You

May 3, 2016
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Developer: House House
Content Rating: Everyone


Push Me Pull You is an award-winning local multiplayer game about friendship and wrestling. Joined at the waist, you and your partner share a long, wriggling body as you wrestle your opponents for control of the ball. Since you're sharing the same body, you'll need to carefully communicate (or just shout a lot). With every action affecting both you and your partner, PMPY combines the best parts of co-op multiplayer with the worst parts of your last breakup.

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Jaz RignallMay 10, 2016
Push Me Pull You is a simple, yet effective local multiplayer title that's a breeze to pick up and play. Its bizarre, yet competitive gameplay quickly gets players yelling at one another - whether they're friend or foe - making it an ideal, and potentially noisy party game. The lack of online multiplayer and single-player mode does limit its appeal somewhat, but if you're the kind of person who often hosts gaming parties, check it out.
Megan FarokhmaneshMay 05, 2016
It's a game destined to become a memorable party hit, leaving you with a big, dumb smile on your face. At its best, it's a table-setter for fun; a laugh-out-loud, yelling-at-the-top-of-your-lungs-over-every-victory-and-defeat kind of experience — with the right group of people. Push Me Pull You makes that an easy goal to obtain.
Jordan DevoreMay 03, 2016
The designers nailed the clean, friendly presentation, and early on, I was so ready to love the game because it makes such a wonderful first impression. But at its core, there's a lack of depth to keep this from being much more than a fleeting joy. It's the kind of oddball party novelty you play once with a group, get your fill of, and don't touch again until the next distant get-together.

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