Prototype Biohazard Bundle for PlayStation 4

Prototype Biohazard Bundle

Jul 14, 2015

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Content Rating: Mature


Bundle includes Prototype and Prototype 2 with DLC! Play as Alex Mercer in Prototype and
Sgt James Heller in Prototype 2.

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Adam BeckJul 17, 2015
Prototype Biohazard Bundle is a questionable release. While it’s an acceptable port to the current generation platforms, the Prototype duo don’t hold up well in the current environment. That’s not to say these are inferior products as there are strong gameplay ideas here and wreaking havoc to New York City is highly satisfying, but the stories in both titles are a chore to get through and the mission structure quickly becomes repetitive. There’s some value here in terms of price, but even then, it’s a matter of whether you want play twenty to thirty hours of middling content.
Jim SterlingAug 07, 2015
I can’t deny I still enjoy the individual games greatly, even if 50% of this bundle is showing its age tremendously. I also loved the inclusion of Prototype 2‘s DLC, as I never experienced the weird weapons and amusing, game-breaking features the first time. Still, why wasn’t that brought into the first game? They could have done that. They could have done many things. Instead Activision chose overwhelming mediocrity.
Doug MercerJul 24, 2015
Overall, the fact that the Prototype Biohazard Bundle is so poorly named and that it was snuck on to the market without so much as an acknowledgement it was there should be all the warning you need. But allow me to reiterate the obvious; they didn’t bother to graphically update an outdated game nor did they try to clean up the messy controls.

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