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Blake GrundmanSep 03, 2018
If you take a step back and look at the big picture, it’s hard to shake the feeling that Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 may actually be taking a step backwards this season. However, upon closer examination, a vast majority of the criticism consists of minor problems in an otherwise stellar football simulation. Unless the loss of Champions League is a deal breaker, at least on the pitch, this remains the premier choice for the discerning hooligan.
Richard WakelingAug 27, 2018
The lack of licences for top-tier leagues remains a disheartening sticking point, but PES continues to make brilliant strides on the pitch, building on what was already an incredibly satisfying game of football to produce one of the greatest playing football games of all time. It might be lacking off the pitch, but put it on the field against the competition and a famous giant killing wouldn't be all that surprising.
Shubhankar ParijatSep 01, 2018
Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 is absolutely amazing on the pitch, proving that as far as pure simulation goes, Konami's franchise still reigns supreme. But in all other areas, its refusal to improve is starting to become increasingly frustrating, to the point where several such flaws are actively damaging the experience in many ways.
Tom PowerSep 07, 2018
The only way to ensure that players don’t forego buying PES 2019 in favor of FIFA 19 is to hope that they stick with the controls long enough for them to appreciate the deeper mechanics that make PES 2019 so good. If Konami somehow managed to steal EA’s longstanding official partnerships away, it would be no question as to who the king of soccer sims is. It’s just a shame that they probably never will.
Cory WellsSep 08, 2018
Konami will be able to appease the PES fanbase with PES 2019. The improvements to the visuals brings the game to life at times. With over 400 teams and 10,000 players, the hardcore football fan has a lot to marvel over. While losing the Premier League license hurts, Konami hopes adding some other major regional leagues will help.
Kat BaileySep 06, 2018
PES 2019 is a marvelous soccer sim on the field, and remarkably dated off of it. Those willing to forgive its still-awful user interface and simplistic modes may find magic, but its ramshackle presentation doesn't do justice to the hard work put into the gameplay.
Matthew KatoAug 29, 2018
It’s easy for me to sit and revel in what I love about PES, jogging through instant replay just to gawk at a foot flick a ball on to a teammate or charting out the future of my Master League club. But occasionally that reverence is broken by an ill-suited moment that illustrates that more work needs to be done. The franchise is steps away from greatness, which makes some of its foibles frustrating.
Liam CroftAug 30, 2018
Rather than overhauling the experience, PES 2019: Pro Evolution Soccer continues to refine its gameplay loop with intricate features that fans will come to appreciate in the long term. With no major additions in terms of modes or licences, however, this 2019 edition feels a little light in terms of real talking points. What Pro Evolution Soccer is known for returns, but it’s not stocking many new bells or whistles.
Michael GloverSep 03, 2018
PES 2019 is a great addition to the series that should keep veterans happy and enthral new players alike. While not moving forward in areas where it should, it does advance in others to great effect.
Richard WalkerSep 02, 2018
Last year, we said that PES 2019 needs to go big or go home. And while Konami has indeed gone big on refinements and minor changes, the same modes, presentation and lack of licenses holds this year's game back again somewhat. Which is why it's fortunate that PES 2019 still plays a mean game of football. Your move, FIFA.
Christian VazSep 08, 2018
As an online and local multiplayer game, PES 19 is definitely worth playing thanks to the excellent gameplay. However, the AI problems are so bad that you probably shouldn’t even consider purchasing the game until these issues have been addressed. Football fans will need to wait for a patch or just wait a few weeks until FIFA 19 comes out.
Bradley RussellAug 28, 2018
Regardless, of all that, PES 2019 is a game you’ll like, and very much enjoy in extended spells. The nagging feeling, despite the superb football, remains: more could have been done to set it apart from its contemporaries, and even past Pro Evo entries – but you’ll be having too much fun to care otherwise.
Lou ContaldiSep 03, 2018
Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 is the most polished football game on the market. Full stop. And despite all my nitpicking, FIFA will have a lot to prove when it rolls out later this month. Although PES 2019 takes some major blows, they make up lost ground with added variety and fine-tuning an already tight system.
Ahmed MohamedSep 03, 2018
Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 seems to favour fixing most of what was there instead of changing the make-up of the game. While these smaller additions are all well and good, there is a feeling in the football sim community that both Pro Evo and FIFA are due for a generational leap in years to come. However, that starts with getting what’s already there right – and in that regard, PES 2019 passes with flying colors.
Jay JaffaSep 03, 2018
Looks stunning, myClub enhancements a huge positive, online play cerebral and gratifying. The perfect football sim for playing your mates or tackling online but major AI flaw renders the offline experience boring and uninspiring.
Adam CookSep 12, 2018
But that feeling won’t go away. There’s a lack of buzz this year, and having spent weeks playing the game it feels like a gap year. PES 2018 came so far so quickly, that revolutionising the game a year later was never going to happen. PES 2019 feels fantastic, and it looks better than ever, but off the pitch I’m worried it’s becoming a dinosaur, and I don’t want my beloved PES to become extinct.
Chris LeebodySep 22, 2018
All of this is wonderful and just what a football title should be. The issue is that whilst people can appreciate this for a few years, standing still is not acceptable when charging full price for a new version every year. There are some glaring flaws that need real focus and attention in order to elevate PES back to the glory days as the king of football.
Mike HolmesAug 30, 2018
Purists will certainly find satisfaction on the field of play in this year's iteration, but fans of the sport looking for a deeper dive into the behind the scenes machinations of the beautiful game won't really find what's included in Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 all too convincing. That's a crying shame because if Konami could only sharpen up in this one crucial area, this year's PES would be downright unmissable.
John WebsellAug 31, 2018
PES 2019 is by far and away the best football sim money can buy, boasting an enviable level of depth and authenticity FIFA simply can’t hope to match. While the sheer variety of game modes ensures players will be enjoying Konami’s latest for months to come. The biggest drawback is clearly the lack of official licences. Which, unfortunately, will make it exceedingly difficult for PES to win over any but FIFA’s most lukewarm fans.
José L. OrtegaSep 03, 2018
Puede que PES 2019 sea uno de los mejores simuladores futbolísticos de todos los tiempos. Los partidos son una auténtica delicia y se disfrutan con un realismo que pocos títulos han sabido transmitir. El problema es que se denota cierto conformismo de Konami a la hora de luchar por licencias, y es una pena; de lo contrario sería casi perfecto.
Ivan RomanAug 31, 2018
PES 2019 es muy bueno en lo que mejor sabe hacer. Es un juego divertido y con las físicas más realistas en el mercado; sin embargo, la falta de licencias como siempre, es un factor que desanima, y los modos de juego aunque son absorbentes, les falta esa aura que sí tiene su competidor.
pinjedSep 12, 2018
Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 es quizá el más representativo de la trayectoria de la saga en los últimos años: está una crisis parece que definitiva de licencias, intenta imitar a su rival en lo que mejor hace FIFA (y fracasa) y vive en un evidente estado de pánico a decepcionar a unos fans que se han erigido casi en correligionarios devotos y defensores de una fe.
Saúl GonzálezAug 31, 2018
PES 2019 es un título de fútbol que, en lo que a los partidos se refiere, es lo mejor que ha caído en nuestras manos durante la presente generación gracias a la fluidez de sus animaciones, a un excelente comportamiento del balón y a numerosos detalles que hacen que los encuentros sean tan realistas como divertidos.
Álvaro CastellanoAug 31, 2018
Es difícil juzgar un videojuego caracterizado por contrastes tan radicales como el de PES 2019. Lo que tiene que ver con jugar al fútbol es fantástico, y raya a un nivel extraordinario: Todo es muy natural, un cruce imposible entre el realismo justo y las gotas de diversión necesarias para que la fórmula funcione. Por desgracia, fuera del rectángulo de juego el título es mucho más perezoso y poco innovador, muy alejado del grado de excelencia que alcanza sobre el césped.
Víctor RosasSep 18, 2018
Pese a la presencia de algunos detalles puntuales, la nueva entrega de la serie sale muy bien librada respecto a ediciones anteriores y, en definitiva, es una opción que debes considerar, pues el reto y la diversión están garantizados para toda la temporada. Sí, Pro Evolution Soccer ha vuelto y esa es una gran noticia para todos los que somos fans de los juegos de futbol.
David SorianoAug 30, 2018
Un año más -y es el tercero- Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 se sustenta en su sobresaliente jugabilidad. La llegada de nuevas animaciones no hace sino pulir un poco más una fórmula de juego ya conocida y más que aceptable desde hace varias ediciones. La pérdida de la Champions se ha contrarrestado con la llegada de otras nuevas, además de que nunca llegaron a explotar la competición continental en toda su magnitud.
Salva FernándezSep 02, 2018
El principal problema es la sensación de anclaje en el pasado que tienen precisamente los modos de juego, variados pero sin novedades ni, sobre todo, el impulso necesario para estar a la altura de la excelencia jugable del título. Es hora que Konami tome nota y empiece a tomarse tan en serio la Master League, Ser Leyenda, Vestíbulos o MyClub como se tomó hace tiempo la idea de crear el simulador de fútbol definitivo.
Jörg LuiblSep 07, 2018
Was interessiert mich die dänische Liga? Ich will endlich mal kreative Spielmodi und mehr Fußballkultur! Selbst wenn der Kern weiter ein guter ist, riecht es mittlerweile an zu vielen Stellen zu muffig, die mir als Kenner der Serie wichtig sind. Und in der Außendarstellung schießt man Eigentore: Konami sollte mal gründlich in den eigenen vier Wänden renovieren, bevor man auf die Geldgier der Konkurrenz verweist.
KaarajAug 28, 2018
Le résultat final est donc de grande qualité et convaincra sans peine les purs amateurs de gameplay de se lancer dans un nouvel opus à même de les satisfaire. S’il sera sans doute compliqué de rivaliser avec son concurrent direct sur la question des licences, PES a tout de même une marge de progression sur le reste de son contenu, toujours léger et pas encore à la hauteur de ses excellentes sensations de jeux.
Nicolas VerletAug 29, 2018
Après, quand on fait le bilan à tête reposée, cette édition reste quand même très similaire à la précédente - les contrôles plus pointilleux, les remplacements rapides et le retour de la neige en plus - tout en perdant au passage la prestigieuse licence de la Ligue des Champions au profit de ligues mineures et de l'ICC. Au-delà des soucis de licence patchés en deux-deux, à vous de voir si ces nouveautés de surface suffisent à faire sauter la clause du transfert.
Laurely BirbaAug 28, 2018
Le concept demeure sympa quand on est avec des potes, mais on aurait aimé une distinction à la fin du match pour récompenser les artistes. Tant pis. Enfin, ne soyez pas surpris si ce test ne traite pas du jeu en ligne et de "myClub" : à l'heure où nous écrivons ces lignes, ils ne sont pas encore disponibles.
Gianni MolinaroAug 28, 2018
PES 2019, c'est ce milieu besogneux, qui ne fait pas de chichi, fuit le strass et les paillettes pour se focaliser uniquement sur son taff et le collectif. Et clairement, il améliore encore son rendement sur le terrain pour la nouvelle saison. En concentrant ses forces sur ce que l'on pourra trouver essentiel - un gameplay maîtrisé, riche, permettant de vivre des rencontres virtuelles intenses, et une réalisation encore plus soignée -, il se montre d'une robustesse impressionnante.
Abílio RodriguesSep 06, 2018
Dentro das quatro linhas, PES 2019 é o melhor Pro Evolution Soccer até à data, com a Konami a apresentar ajustes incrementais mas essenciais para quem está realmente interessado num simulador de futebol, na verdadeira asserção da expressão.
XsinAug 30, 2018
Il problema rimangono le modalità, per adesso quelle offline, sempre uguali e sempre imperfette, fossilizzate ormai da diverse edizioni, e la costante mancanza di cura dei dettagli che tiene sempre un po’ il freno a mano tirato su un gioco che vuole e deve decollare, nell’attesa di capire cosa possono fare le modalità online, che abbiamo appena iniziato a provare.
Rosario SalatielloSep 05, 2018
Arrivati a questo punto, abbiamo davvero poco da aggiungere rispetto a quanto detto in apertura su PES 2019. Pur presentando degli aspetti su cui c'è ancora del lavoro da fare, Konami può finalmente dire di aver sistemato tutti i difetti che la serie si portava appresso da troppo tempo, accompagnandoli con un eccellente sistema di gioco che esalta la passione dell'utente per il calcio.
Raffaello RusconiSep 03, 2018
Nel complesso il comparto online fa il suo dovere ma la mancanza di nuove modalità o l’arricchimento di quelle già esistenti è un peso che inizia a farsi sentire. La modalità myClub, pur non potendo competere a livello di contenuti con la più celebrata FUT, è un piacevole diversivo. Da vedere PES 2019 è una gioia per gli occhi e passare il pallone su un verde campo in 4K non è mai stato così bello!
Filippo ConsalvoSep 05, 2018
Il focus di quest’anno è tutto sull’online, ma myClub deve ancora crescere e tanto e alcune scelte, come quella di mantenerne le divisioni al di fuori, sono incomprensibili. C’è sempre la sensazione che basti davvero poco, una maggiore cura, più attenzione e voglia di rinnovare per tornare grandissimi, ma sembra anche che PES continui a non volerlo, giustificandosi dietro ad un gameplay davvero simulativo ma che da solo non regge, non più.
Раффаэль ГригорянSep 04, 2018
Игра-сервис — это не про PES 19. Размаха не хватает. Новая PES — только про геймплей: он тут, несмотря на некоторые проблемы, хорош и затягивает. Свежий выпуск японского футсима точно пройдет мимо игроков, которые помимо геймплея большое значение придают вещам вроде антуража, настоящих эмблем и форм клубов.
Ahmet ÖzçilingirAug 30, 2018
Yine PES serisinden aşina olduğumuz savunma sorunları ve pas hataları, ambiyans eksikliği, tasarım zayıflığı, ilgi çekici olmaktan uzak soundtrack albümü gibi sorunlar bildiğimiz gibi. Ancak PES 2019, kesinlikle kusurlarının ötesinde, olumlu yanlarıyla dikkat çeken bir oyun olmuş. Seriyi yeniden zirveye taşıyacak oyun olabilir mi, bilemiyoruz. Ancak kesinlikle bu konuda oldukça iddialı bir yapımla karşı karşıyayız.
Tom Van StamSep 12, 2018
Het mag dan wel niet uitpuilen van de talloze originele modi, maar de game zelf bezorgt genoeg plezier en lijkt voornamelijk bedoeld te zijn om het hele jaar door tegen vrienden te spelen. Als voetballiefhebber ben je wat betreft realisme volledig aan het juiste adres bij Pro Evo. Zo betrap ik mezelf er iedere dag nog wel op dat ik even een potje wil spelen, puur omdat het voetbal zo lekker aanvoelt.
Pedro JordanaSep 10, 2018
Toch is de footie niet perfect, want op sommige fronten weer PES 2019 simpelweg niet te overtuigen. Vooral online loopt Konami achter op de concurrentie en op dit front zijn er aanpassingen nodig, vooral op het gebied van co-op. Ook menu’s en andere aankleding binnen de game is nog niet helemaal in orde, wat de strijd met FIFA moeilijk maakt.
kordiSep 12, 2018
A v nej býva FIFA nekompromisná. No ak dostanete možnosť, Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 vyskúšajte. Je rovnako dobrý ako ten minulý, dá sa s ním vyhrať (taktika v myTeam je skvelá, hoci AI nakupuje skôr nezmyselne na posty, ktoré ju netlačia), ale… ale aj minulý rok PES musel skloniť svoju hlavu pred svojím rivalom a inak to zrejme nebude ani teraz. Futbalu zdar a zatiaľ ideme vyklepať Ukrajinu, keď to tým našim sokolom nevyšlo v skutočnosti.