Prison Architect: Playstation 4 Edition

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Tom OrryJul 05, 2016
Prison Architect is a full-on sim that will eat your time. If you fancy a dark look inside the running of a prison, look no further.
Jaz RignallJun 29, 2016
This port of the popular PC prison-building game has been nicely executed to deliver a deep and compelling experience on consoles. Its complex menus and mechanics present a fairly steep learning curve, even with the game's effective tutorials, but once you get over it, Prison Architect is a challenging, entertaining, and surprisingly addictive game that offers plenty of potential for long-term play.
Dyani WoodJun 28, 2016
Prison Warden is what will offer me some longevity in this game, since I can mess around with how the wardens affect the gameplay, and how each map runs differently. I get bored easily, and I will say that I found myself unchallenged after I got the hang of things. Prison Warden can help with that.
GameCentralJul 11, 2016
In mechanical terms it’s perfectly interesting to try and design your prison for optimal efficiency, but the depth doesn’t just come in terms of gameplay but its insight into the psyche of the player. Play Prison Architect and you may begin to feel it’s you who should be locked up, and not the inmates.
gamesTMSep 29, 2016
How far down that path you go is up to you, because unlike in most games of this kind, your population is captive and can’t just up and move. What’s more, you’re almost never punished for your decisions, regardless of how callous they might be. Navigation on the PS4 port might be slightly wonky, but you get used to it. This is a crazily thorough and thoughtful management sim; slick and surprising enough to recommend regardless of format.
Kell AndersenJun 28, 2016
Prison Architect is a fantastic simulation game. Its clever systems combine in interesting and intuitive ways to create an experience which is tense, challenging, and engaging. Niggling control issues aside, the title is a terrific example of how a traditionally PC-only genre should be ported to consoles.
Chris WhiteJun 28, 2016
Prison Architect is a great strategy game that has been ported really well from PC. There are occasional problems when moving the camera around your prison and zooming in on specifics, but the controls are straightforward, useful and easy to become familiar with, especially the ability to speed things up when you’ve just scheduled a ton of construction work. The World of Wardens is also a really cool feature, letting you download and experience user-created prisons from all over the world.
Aaron VarshneyJul 13, 2016
The pick up and play nature of Prison Architect in tandem with its wealth of gameplay options make this title far outshine its few flaws with a charming and engaging overall package.
Alberto GonzálezJul 15, 2016
Prison Architect es un videojuego de gestión tan profundo como inteligente, capaz de inmiscuirnos en los más variados dilemas morales mientras intentamos gestionar una prisión virtual. Sus posibilidades son inmensas, y dados sus variados modos de juego -así como la posibilidad de disfrutar y compartir niveles con la comunidad-, creemos que es todo un valor a tener en cuenta en términos de rejugabilidad a corto y largo plazo.
Carlos G. GurpeguiJul 01, 2016
Prison Architect es un buen juego. Es un gestor complejo capaz de robarnos decenas de horas de diversión pero no es el juego idóneo para jugar en consola. Su traslado a las consolas de sobremesa ampliarán su público objetivo pero no deja de ser un título pensado y perfeccionado para PC.
Mathias OertelJul 22, 2016
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