Polybius for PlayStation 4


May 9, 2017
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Developer: Llamasoft
Content Rating: Everyone


Immerse yourself fully in this hypervelocity neon trancespace with PSVR at a staggering 120 FPS, or play on your telly at up to 4K rez. Strive for hyperspeed as you bask in the aural glory of the game's outstanding soundtrack featuring 25 original tracks. Enjoy every second of the ride through 50 trancetastic levels.

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Jordan DevoreMay 19, 2017
Even though it ended on a sour note for me with a few too many elements snowballing into an avalanche of hair-pulling frustration, on the whole, Polybius had me in a trance. I'm happy just thinking about it. PlayStation VR owners, Jeff Minter fans, and arcade enthusiasts need to get in on this.
Alex StintonMay 14, 2017
Polybius is an excellent trance shooter which deftly delivers just enough sensory overload to thrill but not frustrate. While the lack of clarity about just what’s happening on screen makes for a small but intended bump in the road, it’s the strong core gameplay – which steadily introduces interesting twists to its formula the longer you play – stellar soundtrack, and excellent PlayStation VR support that’ll blow your mind in all the right ways.
GameCentralMay 12, 2017
It may seem off-puttingly weird to some but ignore all the florescent cows and 8-bit sound effects and you have one of the purest action experiences of the modern age. Or don’t ignore them, and revel in one of the most gloriously strange, constantly inventive, shooters available on any platform.

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