PlanetSide 2 for PlayStation 4

PlanetSide 2

Jun 23, 2015
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Developer: Daybreak Game
Content Rating: Teen


PlanetSide 2 is an MMOFPS that delivers deeply intense combat by air, ground and infantry on a never before seen scale. Choose your Empire, align with your fellow soldiers and fight for territory dominance.

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May 20, 2020
Its a great game if your starting off playing your playstation or if your other games areant competitive enough as this is a huge battlefield that you can use as your battlegrounds and fight between 3 factions and win over region's this was very fun when i played it and never got boring

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Kevin VanOrdJul 09, 2015
Like so many big games with dozens of complex moving parts, your enjoyment of PlanetSide 2 on the PlayStation 4 rests on how forgiving you are of technical hiccups you would properly expect to be vanquished. As you play, the questions mount. "Why did that tank vanish into thin air after I fired my homing missile, and why did my missile then shoot into the sky?" "Why did my vehicle just sink through the geometry and explode?" "Does the view distance need to be this bad, even on a snowy continent?"
Giancarlo ValdesAug 07, 2015
For better or worse, Daybreak didn’t design PlanetSide 2 for instant gratification. I’ve had hours of playtime where enemy forces were so overwhelming that I barely got anything done. But I’ve also had hours that were full of tense battles filled with explosions, multicolored lasers, and missiles. When you play at night, it looks like a chaotic fireworks show.
Ben GriffinJul 28, 2015
Epic multiplayer warfare at the starting price of absolutely nothing. Though battles often feel a little too big, there’s nothing quite like it on PS4.

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