Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier

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Tyler TreeseNov 24, 2017
I doubt I’ll replay Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier soon to see the other endings because I’m happy with the ending I got and don’t want to see these characters I grew attached to die, but there are reasons to come back if you’re looking to get more bang for your buck.
Jade SayersNov 30, 2017
The plot of the game is strong, but it's just not enough to totally carry the experience. Final Frontier feels like a valiant attempt at storytelling in a new environment, but it just doesn't quite stick the landing.
Jeff CorkDec 12, 2017
It’s a shame that the interactive elements and choices have about as much effect on that world as the close-door button in an elevator. It’s a ride that might be worth taking once, but don’t bother going back in when you’re done.
Ahmed MohamedDec 01, 2017
Those are the kinds of innovations Imaginati Studios needs to focus on while delivering a harrowing tale with smart directing and a script that continuously hits on the themes of its story – a story that must explore a different side of the conflicts present in the Planet of the Apes universe.
Jack AllinAug 07, 2020
“Planet of Aping Better Movies” might be a better title for Last Frontier, a beautiful but barely interactive “us vs. them” tale whose simplistic choices negate the benefit of experiencing the conflict from both sides.
Tyler RobertsonDec 04, 2017
I really wanted to like Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier. The Apes world is fascinating and a Telltale-esque game set in that universe has all the makings for an amazing experience. While it’s an awesome idea, Last Frontier’s execution just isn’t there.
Dominic LeightonDec 08, 2017
Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier is an exciting narrative adventure that fans of the recent film trilogy will love. Its biggest drawback is perhaps how little interaction you actually have with it and that some of your choices make no difference to the game’s direction, but as a fantastic-looking, branching story in a loved world, there’s nothing else quite like it.
Bengt LemneNov 22, 2017
Ultimately Last Frontier feels a bit undercooked. There are elements here that are great such as the setting, the characters, and the way the apes look and move.
Adam ChapmanDec 11, 2017
A beautifully cinematic story set within the current Planet of the Apes film continuity, as players direct decisions made by both humans and apes as a conflict brews.
John-Paul JonesNov 23, 2017
A glossy though ultimately shallow use of the Planet of the Apes license, Last Frontier stands as an acceptable use of Play Link technology but little else.
Sergio MartínNov 24, 2017
Aquí tenemos una película interactiva en formato videojuego que presenta como valores principales un guion bueno y maduro y personajes muy bien representados y dotados de una personalidad notable.
David SorianoNov 21, 2017
Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier es una película interactiva al estilo de Intenciones Ocultas que, si bien es interesante desde el punto de vista de ambas facciones y cómo acaban uniéndose sus historias o cómo refleja este universo post-gripe, no aporta prácticamente nada desde el punto de vista jugable.
Juan RubioNov 23, 2017
Sí, hay decisiones que importan y que cambian el curso de la historia, pero cuando no hay otro elemento jugable no puedes sentir que tantas decisiones no llevan a ninguna parte. Además, la integración con PlayLink es anecdótica, y jugándolo con mando obtenemos prácticamente la misma experiencia. Dentro del género hay muchas mejores opciones, pero a nivel argumental está bien y visualmente sorprende bastante, así que si se os apetece una historia interactiva sobre El planeta de los simios, sin más, puede ser una buena opción.
Clara Castaño RuizNov 21, 2017
Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier es la perfecta fusión entre cine y videojuegos porque se aleja de la acción para centrarse en la narrativa. De este forma, nos ofrece un punto de vista completamente diferente de las luchas entre simios y humanos.
Michael KrostaDec 12, 2017
Nein, Planet of the Apes: Final Frontier reicht weder technisch noch dramaturgisch an die letzten Kinofilme der Reihe heran. Obwohl Andy Serkis als Produzent in die Entwicklung involviert war, ist die Handlung aufgrund vieler stereotyper Figuren oft zu vorhersehbar und die Entscheidungen wirken mehr wie störende Unterbrechungen, weil sie das Drehbuch ohnehin kaum beeinflussen. Immerhin gibt es mehrere Enden, in denen entweder die Homo Sapiens oder ihre Vorfahren die Oberhand gewinnen.
Silent JayDec 02, 2017
Seuls rayons de soleil dans ce paysage moribond... la performance des acteurs, les expressions faciales, les émotions transmises par le regard et certains décors. Une piètre consolation dont il faudra se contenter.
GautozNov 21, 2017
Forme finale du cinéma prétendument interactif, Planet of the Apes : Last Frontier vous propose de jouer le rôle de projectionniste dans une vieille salle de province, celui qu'on réveille toutes les cinq minutes pour coller un coup sur le projo et remettre en route la bobine.
Marcello PaolilloNov 21, 2017
Pur non tradendo le basi della trilogia cinematografica omonima, specie dal punto di vista estetico, Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier tenta l'approccio da avventura narrativa senza però spiccare né per inventiva, né per ritmo generale.