Pier Solar and the Great Architects for PlayStation 4

Pier Solar and the Great Architects

Sep 30, 2014
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Developer: WaterMelon
Content Rating: Teen


In this prospered and peaceful town there live three best friends: Hoston, Alina and Edessot. Young and curious, they want to go on a herb-seeking quest to help cure Hoston's father's mysterious illness. Little do they know ... it will be the beginning of their lifetime journey where they will learn the true meaning of friendship and the thrill of adventure. This journey will demand their courage and wisdom to solve a long-lost mystery while they face the forces of destruction dispatched by an evil man who is trying to change the world for his own good. Through this escapade, they will be reborn as great heroes to protect the universe from a mistaken purpose..

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Kell AndersenOct 19, 2014
But in the case of Pier Solar HD, it's startlingly accurate. This is a retro RPG down to its very core, and if you aren’t prepared to accept its charmingly archaic quirks, you probably won’t relish your time with it. However, if you are willing to embrace its idiosyncrasies – some amiable, some aggravating - you’ll find a veritable wealth of content to explore.
Chandler WoodOct 07, 2014
While I loved getting that classic RPG nostalgia, much of the game found certain levels of tedium that quickly drove the experience of Pier Solar from nostalgia to a chore. ...Pier Solar HD has a lot of potential, and fans of the classic 16-bit RPG may find a lot to love in a game that abandons a lot of the more modern day conventions that we see in games, but don’t be surprised if you find that classic feeling starting to hide behind all of the little problems that litter the playing field.
Bradly HaleOct 05, 2014
Pier Solar HD is a testament to sound game design. ...With some of the strongest storytelling in its genre, now or in the past, a deep combat system and a top-notch presentation, Pier Solar HD is at the head of its class, easily sitting alongside some of the most cherished classics of its kind. It does have some flaws, though, namely its seeming disinterest in ever providing any real guidance to players, leaving them confused and wandering for longer than necessary.

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