Pathologic 2 for PlayStation 4

Pathologic 2


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Developer: Ice-Pick Lodge
Content Rating: Mature


It’s a game that always makes you feel in a pinch—but being in a pinch also feels worth it. Whichever of the three playable characters you choose, your goal will always be to determine the origins of Sand Plague and save the Town (or what’s left of it). But in order to do that you’ll first have to survive, and that won’t be an easy task.

Critic Reviews

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Rosh KellyMay 23, 2019
Despite its dream-like quality and incredibly unique atmosphere, Pathologic 2 is overly bloated and riddled with annoyances. Minor bugs that cause a stutter or frame rate crash aren’t as annoying as desperately trying to find some nuts before you die. The first game was a cult classic, and I feel this one will be too. Fans will be able to look past the inconveniences and see the strange world in all its wonder, but the rest of us will probably not make it to the end.

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