Past Cure for PlayStation 4

Past Cure

Feb 23, 2018

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Developer: Phantom 8 Studio
Content Rating: Mature


Inspired by the Inception movie, Past Cure is a third person action game with elements of stealth and horror. It is also a debut project of the German Phantom 8 Studio. The main protagonist of the game is Ian - a former soldier, who for years has been locked in prison and subjected to mysterious experiments that resulted in him acquiring supernatural abilities allowing him to control human minds and use telekinesis. Ian, however, has to pay a high price for his new powers, as he is getting increasingly insane. Because of this, he decided to have his revenge on whoever is responsible for his condition. The gameplay builds on elements typical for the genre, thus a player has to explore diverse locations and fight numerous enemies. Even though the main protagonist is proficient with weapons and melee combat, he occasionally has to use his powers to sneak past his adversaries and avoid the omnipresent surveillance cameras. Moreover, his consciousness takes him to an alternate reality, where he has to solve more or less complex logical and environmental puzzles.

Critic Reviews

20 Reviews
Erin CastilloFeb 22, 2018
I was hoping Past Cure would be a stand out psychological thriller with its interesting storyline, and while it gets better the more you play, it has a really hard time keeping the player’s attention in the early stages. At this point I’m not quite sure it’s worth the $29.99 USD it’s selling for, however, it’s totally worth a playthrough when the price drops.
Chandler WoodFeb 22, 2018
Visually, the environments look very polished, though very simple and clean. That sterile feeling to the real world is what makes Ian’s nightmare world even more interesting. It’s messy. It’s falling apart, and it has a lot more details that actually tell a story. Past Cure has a very particular art style to it that is actually quite appealing from a graphic design perspective, and the cinematic camera really helps to highlight these sections.
Brett MakedonskiMar 05, 2018
Any good they might have had are quickly swallowed up by a plethora of issues. The desperate or the gullible may find a glimmer of fun hidden somewhere in the pit.

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