Paper Beast for PlayStation 4

Paper Beast

Mar 24, 2020
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Requires Playstation virtual reality headset to play.

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Developer: Pixel Reef
Content Rating: Everyone


Paper Beast is a playful exploration game set in a colorful ecosystem born out of big data. Undertake a virtual journey of discovery through an immersive and poetic gameplay experience. Somewhere deep down in the vast memory of a data server, an ecosystem has emerged. Decades of lost code and forgotten algorithms have accumulated in the eddies and flows of the internet. A small bubble of life has blossomed. Paper Beast is born.

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Rebecca SmithApr 13, 2020
Eric Chahi’s latest creation is a worthwhile PlayStation VR experience, especially if you like your worlds to be mysterious and interesting to explore. The game never holds your hand, instead leaving it up to you to discover its secrets. The puzzles can feel confusing at first until you get used to the game’s unexplained mechanics, although the simple controls help things along. Even though the story is short, the sandbox mode will keep players coming back to this unique environment until your imagination runs out.
Todd EgglestonMar 23, 2020
Paper Beast is a tranquil meditative walking sim that requires problem solving to move forward. You don’t learn about the world by scanning objects, but more live in the world by interacting with its paper inhabitants. It overcomes some awkward mechanics to slowly take you from curiosity and wonder to truly sensing and even caring for the life of the world. Paper Beast succeeds much more in practice than simply “on paper.”
Lou SytsmaApr 08, 2020
Paper Beast is more of an experience than a game. Being done in VR definitely enhances the mood of the game. There is no hand holding. You must figure out what needs to be done in each level based on the environment and the actions of the animals that inhabit said level. This can lead to some frustration, but overall the game does an excellent job of laying the necessary bread crumbs for the player to suss out the solution.

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