Overlord: Fellowship of Evil for PlayStation 4

Overlord: Fellowship of Evil

Oct 20, 2015
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Developer: Codemasters
Content Rating: Teen


Step into the warped fantasy world of Overlord: Fellowship of Evil, the dark and twisted Action RPG filled with the series’ signature black humour. Penned by award-winning original Overlord scriptwriter Rhianna Pratchett, Overlord: Fellowship of Evil delivers an epic new quest featuring four Nethergh?ls – undead servants of the dark arts, resurrected in the absence of a true Overlord, to bring evil back to a world overrun by the forces of good.

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Jason BohnOct 26, 2015
With all of the wasted potential and the abuse of a cult-classic property found here, Overlord: Fellowship of Evil is not good. It is entirely possible to glean some enjoyment from the tone here, and the action can be a decent way to turn off the brain for anyone who just wants to whack things. For anyone else, there are many better options.
Jowi MeliOct 26, 2015
It’s bad enough that Overlord: Fellowship of Evil waters down the more substantial gameplay of its predecessors in favor of a generic action-RPG model, but that’s actually the least of the game’s problems. Technical problems make the framerate and collision detection bigger obstacles than the traps and enemies, and the level design reduces everything to the lowest common denominator. It never gets old hearing the witty dialogue penned by Rhianna Pratchett, and the score is suitably epic and whimsical, but those are two bright spots in an otherwise dreary mess.
John-Paul JonesOct 26, 2015
A train-wreck spin off of a series that deserved so much better, Fellowship of Evil is an unholy combination of so many undercooked elements that it's any wonder the game made it to release. While Overlord certainly deserves better there is someone else who does too – you. Avoid.

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