Outcast: Second Contact

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ESpaldingNov 16, 2017
With pretty landscapes and settings, Outcast - Second Contact fulfills its aim to recreate the original.
Nicholas PlouffeNov 27, 2017
Massive visual improvements definitely count for something, but when you can’t fix the original problems with a game’s dated mechanics and design, there’s not much else you can do. Outcast: Second Contact is a solid attempt at returning to the original classic, but it’s far from perfect. Fans might be rejoicing at a chance to relive the journey and brush up on all the lore, but just about anyone else should wait until there’s a sale.
Blake GrundmanNov 20, 2017
Easily the most off-putting aspect of Outcast are the dialog recordings. When so much effort has been put into remastering the score and the visual presentation, why these glorified midis were not given the same treatment is beyond me.
AdeNov 27, 2017
Outcast: Second Contact is an eighteen year old game that’s been given a makeover. This is absolutely fine if you’re a fan of the original and want to play it again on modern hardware, but if you don’t have the nostalgia quality there’s absolutely nothing that you won’t find here that’s done far better elsewhere.
Mick FraserNov 29, 2017
Outcast: Second Contact is a classic adventure wrapped up in shiny new clothes, but which maintains everything it was born with underneath, for better or worse.
GameCentralNov 23, 2017
Unusual open world environment and art design, with an interesting story and well thought out lore. Great soundtrack. The combat and movement is slow and awkward, and not much fun. And the same can be said for the conversations. Some serious frame rate problems.
Aaron VarshneyNov 16, 2017
When Outcast Second Contact was announced I was jumping with glee, one of my favourite games of the 90’s finally being remade for the modern age. If only the team had spent more time fixing the performance issues before release.
Ramón VarelaNov 16, 2017
Para los novatos quizás lo recomendamos con más reservas, porque no será tan sencillo ver el enorme legado que nos deja Outcast, un juego que incluso hoy, con apenas una capa de pintura nueva, muestra una ambición que pocos lanzamientos se atreven a igualar. No es un juego perfecto, y quizás nunca lo fue, pero sí forma parte de la historia de la industria.
Jose A. RodríguezNov 16, 2017
Outcast: Second Contact es un juego que siempre estamos abiertos a volver a jugar, pero que probablemente merecía un remake con algunas diferencias. Incontestable en lo que a escenarios y efectos se refiere, todo sabe tan añejo que el control se antoja prácticamente insoportable cuando tenemos que disparar o superar algunos obstáculos. Demasiado hierático, demasiado extraño.
Jörg LuiblNov 21, 2017
Genau die andere Richtung hin zu mehr Rätselhaftigkeit und weniger, dafür anspruchsvolleren Kämpfen wäre die bessere Designstrategie gewesen. Hätte man diesen Klassiker mal besser in Frieden ruhen lassen.
Silent JayNov 14, 2017
Outcast était un grand jeu, une aventure gravée au “Cutter” dans la mémoire des joueurs. Mais certains souvenirs sublimés par le temps gagnent à rester enfouis dans notre cerveau. Il n'est pas toujours bon de fouiller dans le passé et Second Contact en est une preuve édifiante.
Damaso ScibettaNov 25, 2017
Probabilmente non potrà mai arrivare alle grandi masse, e per certi aspetti è un peccato, ma in linea di massima quello di Outcast è un remake (riuscito, ma non troppo) che permette ai più giovani di giocare un titolo storico che era invecchiato malissimo. Esplorazione, storia, immersività e ambientazione restano ai massimi livelli in un open world che tutt'ora riesce a insegnare il gusto dell'esplorazione.
Yuri PolverinoNov 25, 2017
Outcast Second Contact è riuscito solo a metà: da una parte l'interessante sistema di story telling che nonostante gli anni riesce a risultare ancora piacevole e in qualche modo attuale; dall'altra un ecosistema ludico che non riesce a stupire e soddisfare, per via di un gameplay obsoleto e un comparto tecnico mediocre.