Out of Ammo for PlayStation 4

Out of Ammo

Jan 30, 2018
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Requires Playstation virtual reality headset to play.

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Developer: RocketWerkz
Content Rating: Teen


Out of Ammo is an intense virtual reality strategy game for PlayStation®VR that puts you in the commander's seat against wave after wave of soldiers. Built exclusively for room-scale to make use of motion tracking, the game allows you to move around the battlefield to build defenses and issue orders. You can even directly possess your units to directly engage the enemy making use of cover and preparing your magazines carefully so you don't.... run out of ammo!

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Chandler WoodJan 30, 2018
The pitch for Out of Ammo sounds interesting on paper, but the execution is probably the worst PSVR game that I have ever played. Out of Ammo makes far too many critical mistakes as a virtual reality title, mistakes that even launch games managed to avoid. I spent more time fighting with the systems and mechanics than I did actually playing the game, but anytime I did get a fleeting moment of play, it wasn’t worth the effort expended to get there.
Jacob HullFeb 08, 2018
Even with what looks like decent ideas on paper, the implementation of just about everything in Out of Ammo is heinous. Looking for any semblance of positivity is like trying to find something new to watch on Netflix before your takeaway gets cold. No matter how good your day has been, Out of Ammo is willing and able to bring you down with a thump. You have been warned.
Cory WellsJan 31, 2018
While a lot of focus on VR games comes from playing games in a first-person view, it’s great to have a change of pace with a real-time strategy game that includes an FPS element. On the outside, Out of Ammo doesn’t look inviting. Once you’re plopped in to the battlefield and realize all the small things needed to win on top of managing a base, though, it’s enthralling. The controls take a while to get comfortable with, but you’ll notice your own progression. As great as Resident Evil 7 or Gran Turismo Sport are in VR, Out of Ammo is the most fun I’ve had with PSVR. Just make it so players can retry a mission and not force them to exit out.

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