Onrush for PlayStation 4


Jun 5, 2018

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Developer: Codemasters
Content Rating: Everyone10+


Race, smash and takedown your opponents in ONRUSH, a refreshing break from the norm epic action/arcade racer. Voted for by millions of on-line fans you step in as one of the 12 most exciting and popular Onrush competitors in the world.

Critic Reviews

34 Reviews
David JagneauxJun 06, 2018
Onrush is one of the most original driving games I’ve played in years, giving it a unique flavor. By forgetting about simply going faster than everyone else and mixing traditional racing mechanics with modes and subtle nuances typically found in other genres, Onrush managed to change the way I think about racing games.
Ken BarnesJun 05, 2018
What we can be sure of though, is that Codemasters has at least put together a great foundation on which to build. They’ve promised that as well as that ranked mode, new content and features will roll out to players going forward and if they make the right steps, Onrush could end up being an absolutely huge deal. At launch though, it serves as a great taste of what could be, even if it could go with just a little bit more fuel in the tank.
Alex Santa MariaJun 05, 2018
Gameplay is king, and Onrush knows exactly how to push my buttons. This is the arcade driving experience I’ve been waiting for, a magnum opus of carnage that moves the genre forward. The mixture of FPS-style heroes and objective gameplay really works, giving the game a solid foundation that is easily expanded upon. EA may have reminded the world of the joy of virtual demolition derbies, but it is Codemasters that paves the way forward. Long live the king of the road.

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