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Chit KoAug 21, 2019
Oninaki is a flawed but overall an enjoyable experience. Instead of joylessly emulating turn-based RPGs of the old days, Tokyo RPG Factory took a step in the right direction and created a fantastic and refreshing action combat system. Apart from that, the game offers nothing special when compared to many similar RPGs. Still, Oninaki is the best game by Tokyo RPG Factory so far. I look forward to see how they will improve with their next title.
Tyler TreeseAug 21, 2019
Oninaki tackles the theme of death brilliantly thanks to some poignant scenes and a willingness to go where most games won’t. That thorough exploration of death ties into every aspect of the game from its hack and slash gameplay to the ending choice that will leave players reflecting upon the journey they just went on. It isn’t often that a game truly succeeds as art, but every part of Oninaki goes back into its core motif and that’s why it is an essential action RPG.
Jordan BoydAug 21, 2019
Despite a handful of missteps and some convoluted narrative decisions in the final act, Oninaki is a really fascinating game that I want to learn more about even after completing almost everything it has to offer. Quite frankly, Oninaki sits boldly next to some of the best Japanese games released this console generation. While it may give off a smaller indie vibe, there are some bold ideas explored that really affected me in ways I didn’t expect.
Bradley EllisAug 27, 2019
Adam BeckAug 21, 2019
Oninaki is a nostalgic throwback to old-school action RPGs such as Secret of Mana and Brave Fencer Musashi that doesn’t quite stick the landing. The story is ominous and surprisingly compelling, but due to a lack of meaningful characters and a somewhat convoluted mid-section, it ends up spiraling out of control. At least there’s some fun to be had in the combat as there’s a decent number of Daemons to find and use in battle, each with their own unique fighting skills and stories to be told. Disappointingly, this doesn’t last too long.
Richard SeagraveSep 02, 2019
Overall, Oninaki isn’t a bad game, but it’s not going to wow you in any way. Its story is interesting but presented in a way that fails to truly grab your attention; like the recent Crystar, it stands out by not being cheery like most JRPGs. But what really cements it as a ho-hum action RPG is its combat, which never develops quite as you’d expect it to despite its fairly unique Daemon system. With some additional tweaking, including making its combat a bit more fluid, Oninaki could have been something special. As it is, it’s simply okay.
Nathan BirchAug 22, 2019
The game can be aggravating, but it never stopped pulling me along. I’d curse, I’d grumble, but then three or four hours would disappear without me really noticing. I even started to kind of enjoy the action after a while. Was it Stockholm syndrome or did I just have to learn to the play Oninaki on its terms? I can’t really say, but I do know I finished Oninaki’s 25-hour story in under a week and it never really felt like a chore, although I don’t guarantee everyone will feel that way.
Nadia OxfordAug 23, 2019
Oninaki is a likable RPG. Its story and setting are interesting, and the Daemons you collect to help you fight are cool. Unfortunately, bashing through uninteresting swarms of high-HP enemies puts a damper on the fun. Oninaki is still better than Tokyo RPG Factory's previous games; the studio seems to be moving in the right direction. If it can get past its extended growing pains, it'll be a contender someday.
Joe JubaAug 23, 2019
No single flaw in Oninaki is damning, nor is any good quality redemptive. Some parts of the experience are genuinely fun and engaging, and others are baffling and frustrating. Like the real world and spirit realm in the game, the light and dark sides of Oninaki blend together as you move between them, resulting in a dull glow somewhere in the middle.
Brittany VincentAug 21, 2019
Oninaki has big goals, but it isn't able to follow up on them. While it has an exciting premise and even some cool systems to explore, it ends up mired in the sameness other games in the genre have. It's less RPG than dungeon crawler, and given that most of your time is spent trawling locations talking to people and then setting out on missions, the story has little time to play out at a comfortable pace, leaving you with more questions than you started with.
Andreas SalmenAug 21, 2019
Oninaki certainly has plenty of ambition, promise and talent, but unfortunately, it didn't substantially deliver on any of them. There are many layered game mechanics and an intriguing story that don't stand a chance against extremely easy and repetitive gameplay. It's quite obvious that the development time and budget were limited, which results in an experience that is mediocre at best, regardless of how great this could have been. The almost-AAA price of $50 makes it a hard sell that should only be considered by determined fans or those who have played and enjoyed the demo.
William WorrallAug 21, 2019
Overall, Oninaki does have something to offer. If you can get past the opening hours and their dull start then you’ll find a pretty deep experience mechanically. Excessive padding brings the game up to a good 30+ hours, but less is more. A less lengthy amount of playtime would have worked in Oninaki‘s favor. While some may find it worth the effort, no one will blame a player for stopping at the first hurdle. The opening hours of gameplay are important, as are the final few. Great moments in the middle does nothing when sandwiched between bad pacing and poor balancing.
John WhitehouseOct 15, 2019
Oninaki is my favorite Tokyo RPG Factory game to date, with its gorgeous art style and melodic music and its more appealing storyline. It may be far from perfect, but it is certainly worth a look if you fancy a slightly different take on a well-established genre.
Josh TorresAug 21, 2019
When all is said and done, I’m torn on Oninaki. It’s close to being greater than the sum of its parts, yet it falls apart in its execution. A lot of Oninaki’s mechanics sound great on paper and the game never manages to fully realize them in a cohesive way. I think there are parts of Oninaki that are enjoyable to play and those don’t surface until much later into the game. My playthrough lasted roughly 25 hours long and it never manages to shake off the slow combat flow. Oninaki’s story initially starts out as its compelling saving grace and Tokyo RPG Factory sadly botches it down the line.
Ingar Takanobu HaugeAug 31, 2019
Oninaki could have been a great JRPG, but a poor script and dull characters make the whole thing a monotonous and repetitive affair. Sadly, third time is not the charm in this case. It appears Tokyo RPG Factory has become a mass producer of mediocre RPGs rather than the connoisseur of modern classics that they set out to be five years ago. This is both sad and baffling, considering that Oninaki has been produced by none other than Takashi Tokita, the director of Chrono Trigger itself. At present, however, Tokyo RPG Factory must be considered a one-hit-wonder.
Robert RamseyAug 27, 2019
All in all, Oninaki falls short of being a great action RPG, but it's not without its charms. An intriguing world and story keep things afloat, while an addictive character progression system distracts from repetitive dungeon crawling. This definitely isn't Tokyo RPG Factory's best game, but it is an interesting diversion. With a little more depth, a sequel would be a tempting proposition.
Nick Gillham Aug 21, 2019
Oninaki is another decent game from Tokyo RPG Factory, but one that feels a little too stuck in genre traditions. There’s glimpses here of what could have been an excellent game had the developers just pushed the envelope a little further and thought outside the box. It’s ironic that a game dealing with death and reincarnation feels like it’s lacking a little soul. It’s decent, but don’t expect any sort of wow factor here.
A.J. MaciejewskiAug 21, 2019
Oninaki is a solid action RPG with striking visuals and a compelling story if you're willing to dig into it. Although it has a few less than ideal elements, what's here still adds up to one rewarding and captivating adventure.
Preston DozsaAug 21, 2019
There are some good things in Oninaki. The fascinating premise means that there are scenes where the story hits the emotional beats it’s going for, even if it is improperly utilized for most of the time. And there are moments in battle that show just how good it could be when all the mechanics work together. But most of the time, Oninaki is dull. Whatever bright spots can be found do not make up for the drab story and tedious gameplay.
Timothy NunesAug 21, 2019
Oninaki takes dark themes and a child-like visual style and combines them with the potent themes of life and death wonderfully. Combat can be a little restrictive and the presentation takes a hit in cutscenes, but its successes make it more than worth your while. The game flows with darkness and hope, and Oninaki shines because of it.
Sergio MeleroAug 26, 2019
Oninaki cuenta con elementos atrayentes, su sistema de combate divierte y ciertos puntos de la historia nos mantendrán enganchados a la aventura. No obstante, todos y cada uno de sus apartados se sitúan entre lo mediocre y lo poco destacable, dando como resultado un videojuego sin alma, quedando muy muy lejos de los JRPG que pretende emular, y sin las suficientes novedades destacables como para seducir al respetable.
Fernando SalinasSep 04, 2019
Oninaki nos deja con ganas de un juego más completo y, sobre todo, más pulido. La verdad es que no se puede ignorar el empeño y corazón que el equipo de Tokyo RPG Factory puso en la realización, pero aún tiene mucho que experimentar para entregar el RPG clásico de nuestros sueños. Nos gusta que no todo en la vida sean batallas por turnos, sin embargo, este sistema se queda muy corto si lo comparamos con los mencionados Chrono Trigger y Diablo, cuya ejecución es superior.
Sergio MartínAug 22, 2019
Tokyo RPG Factory nos brinda otro notable RPG que se sale un tanto de la norma establecida previamente en sus dos obras precedentes (I am Setsuna y Lost Sphear) debido a su sistema de combates, enfrentamientos que en esta ocasión suceden en tiempo real. Precisamente las batallas no es el valor más destacado de todos los que posee Oninaki, pero en cambio su historia, protagonistas y estilo artístico resultan muy llamativos.
chiconuclearAug 21, 2019
Es evidente que en Tokyo RPG Factory hay suficiente talento como para que sus proyectos tengan un algo que resulta, sobre todo para un tipo de jugador, atractivo a primera vista. Decía mi compañero Christian el año pasado que confiaba «en que la experiencia obtenida con I Am Setsuna y Lost Sphear» llevara al estudio «a crecer y alejarse de referentes quizá ya algo trillados», pero la sensación es que han seguido, incluso cambiando los combates por turnos por la acción en tiempo real, por un camino similar, marcado por las soluciones perezosas y el préstamo de ideas.
Ángel LlamasAug 21, 2019
Oninaki es un JRPG muy clásico con toques novedosos pero con la esencia intacta. Tiene una jugabilidad llamativa y una historia interesante, aunque peca de demasiado convencional en la parte final. La estética y la música recuerdan a los títulos más llamativos de este género, aportando cierta nostalgia. La única pena, y pega, que se le puede achacar en realidad es que no vaya a llegar ni en formato físico ni en castellano a Europa, eso le va a quitar visibilidad y jugadores a un muy buen juego.
Jens BischoffAug 29, 2019
Mystisches Action-Rollenspiel der Setsuna-Macher, in dem man mit Verstorbenen als Waffen zwischen der Welt der Lebenden und der Toten pendelt.
Filipe Da Silva BarbosaSep 02, 2019
Avec Oninaki, les développeurs de chez Tokyo RPG Factory semblaient sur la bonne voie en nous proposant enfin un titre qui a de la personnalité, tant visuelle qu'au niveau des thématiques abordées, matures pour le genre. Hélas, le studio retombe vite dans ses travers, avec un level design peu inspiré, des affrontements qui finissent par lasser et, de façon générale, une structure bien trop classique. Encourageant peut-être, rageant tout de même.
AnagundAug 22, 2019
Oninaki n’est pas sans qualité, proposant un univers sombre où la mort fait littéralement partie du quotidien. Bien que des thèmes reviennent régulièrement comme le deuil par exemple, le titre de Tokyo RPG Factory perd une grande partie de sa puissance dans des défauts omniprésents, comme une mise en scène ratée et une réalisation particulièrement pauvre. Du côté du gameplay, on note un aspect hack’n slash parfois amusant grâce à de multiples façons de combattre, mais aussi frustrant par manque d’équilibre, sans compter les nombreuses phases de donjons sans aucun intérêt.
Alessandro AlosiAug 23, 2019
Oninaki è un buon gioco, ma dà l’impressione del “suo figlio è bravo ma non si impegna” perché, nonostante sia dotato di alcuni spunti attraenti, fatica a svilupparli e supportarli come si deve a causa di qualche scelta discutibile e di un combat system tedio-oriented. Evita inoltre di approfondire concetti e risvolti grevi che la storia tuttavia fa emergere spontaneamente tra una missione e l’altra, aumentando nel giocatore proprio quegli stessi rimpianti contro cui Kagachi deve lottare tanto strenuamente.
DottorKillexSep 02, 2019
Nel complesso, comunque, considerate le dimensioni del team e la portata del progetto, che, lo ricordiamo, non potrà contare nemmeno su un’edizione fisica nei territori europei, Oninaki riesce a passare l’esame, a patto di non essere particolarmente severi con alcune delle mancanze succitate. Negli occhi degli appassionati di manga tra i lettori di Spaziogames, in fondo, l’ultima fatica prodotta da Square Enix riuscirà a farsi perdonare gli inciampi tecnici con un chara design di buona qualità.
Furkan GülerSep 07, 2019
Sona geldiğimizde Oninaki’yi eğer JRPG oyunlarından hoşlanıyorsanız, oyunsuz kaldığınız bir dönemde denemenizi öneriyoruz. İki dünya arasındaki geçiş mekaniği ve Daemon’ların oyuncuya sunduğu yetenekleri aktif bir şekilde kullanmak zaman zaman zevkli olabilir. Her ne kadar oyunun hikaye sunumu çok basite indirgenmiş olsa da, hikayeyi takip ettiğinizde güzel detaylarla karşılaşabiliyorsunuz. Fakat hikaye gidişatının bazı yerlerinde kopukluklar olması, zaman zaman oyuncuyu bayabiliyor.
Remco HayesSep 05, 2019
Oninaki laat veel vallen op het gebied van gameplay en verhaal, maar geeft daarvoor wel weer een fijne afwisseling in speelstijlen en prachtige muziek die je keer op keer zult willen beluisteren. Deze titel is wel degelijk de moeite waard voor sommige Tokyo RPG Factory-fans, maar er zijn gewoonweg te veel minpunten om volledig te kunnen genieten van iets wat in zijn kern zo mooi kon zijn.