Onee Chanbara Origin for PlayStation 4

Onee Chanbara Origin

Oct 14, 2020

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Developer: Tamsoft
Content Rating: Mature


The original sword fighting action game series, Onee Chanbara, has been brought back to life on PS4 in full HD! It offers a new take on the story of the two half-sisters, Aya and Saki, who are bound by their mutual hatred for one another and locked in a brutal fight to the death. In addition, all the main characters have been redesigned by the one and only Katsumi Enami. All shall be revealed in the recreated re-release of the classic that started it all: Onee Chanbara Origin!

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Chris MoyseNov 01, 2020
Onee Chanbara Origin remains a cathartic, bloodthirsty, and goofy bit of chaos, whose aesthetic charms have been boosted thanks to Tamsoft's excellent audio/visual upgrade. Unfortunately, the passage of time has somewhat dulled Origin's gameplay, which has been far superseded by other franchises. Offering a short campaign, above-average action, and a slim package, Onee Chanbara Origin is for franchise fans only - and not at its $60 asking price.
Leo FariaOct 23, 2020
It’s by no means the most polished hack n’ slash out there, paling in comparison to Platinum and Capcom’s works, but it still managed to offer some mindless, cathartic fun. Shut down your brain, and you’ll easily look past its issues.
Jukka PiiraOct 26, 2020
Featuring fast-paced, responsive, gory, and sexy action, Onee Chanbara Origin doesn’t try to be more noble or important than what it is. It’s like a B-grade Devil May Cry but that’s exactly why it’s such fun. Of course, one could niggle that the game is repetitive (then again, what game isn’t?) but it’s so hectic that it doesn’t get old at any point during its eight-ish hours running time.

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