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Donovan ErskineMar 19, 2019
The story is middling, lacking the excitement and action you would expect from a property like One Piece. A small handful of intriguing characters along with some fun unlockable abilities were the sole highlights of my playthrough, but weren't enough to make up for the game's many shortcomings otherwise. Ultimately, One Piece World Seeker serves as a rather mediocre adaptation of a property that has the potential to be so much more.
Dave AubreyMar 21, 2019
With One Piece: World Seeker it feels like we are finally getting higher quality licensed anime games, but it still has a way to go to be truly incredible or essential, even for fans of the series. Still, if you want to run and rocket with Luffy and the crew, this is a great place to do so.
A.J. MaciejewskiMar 13, 2019
One Piece: World Seeker features impressively rewarding exploration that'll have you immersed in its beautiful and expansive world. That being said, the combat falls flat and tedium will rear its ugly head much sooner than you'd expect.
James CunninghamMar 20, 2019
Once I wrapped my head around what the game is and accepted its shortcomings I had a good time putting Luffy through his paces in a story that just keeps getting bigger as the game progresses, rocketing around the island and not resting until every secret was found and plotline completed. One Piece World Seeker may not be the game it wishes it was, but the thing it actually became is a perfect example of how much fun a mid-tier game can be if you approach it from a forgiving perspective.
Robert RamseyMar 14, 2019
One Piece: World Seeker is an unfinished game. Its open world is shockingly barren, its gameplay is clearly undercooked, and its presentation is placeholder. Eventually, Luffy's skill tree does allow for a little more fun, but the title still ends up feeling like an in-house development build that's used for playtesting, not a full price retail release. As a One Piece game it's bad enough, but as an open world title in 2019, it's borderline unacceptable.
Jordan BoydMar 13, 2019
Additionally, you can interact with each Straw-Hat Pirate in different ways. Usopp and Franky work as the game’s crafters, while Sanji can cook and send other crew members out with a meal to search for items. All of these things sound interesting but you never get much more than what they are at face value. Equipment never feels rewarding and the items you get are just that, items.
Martin PatiñoMar 14, 2019
One Piece: World Seeker could have been so much more that it is. While many of its elements were executed rather well and are still very enjoyable, many others feel uninspired and generic. Hopefully, Bandai Namco and Ganbarion learn from this first attempt at an open-world One Piece game and are able to improve on it in the future, as World Seeker has made it clear that One Piece would work very well as a large-scale open-world game.
Dean JamesMar 18, 2019
Original stories for longtime running manga and anime series have become the popular option in recent years in games such as Dragon Ball FighterZ, and One Piece: World Seeker does just that with a captivating new story for Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates. Even as fun as it can be zipping around the island with Luffy’s outstretched arms, the numerous issues start to bubble up very quickly though and they make One Piece: World Seeker start to feel very monotonous and lackluster way too early into the game.
Lucas WhiteMar 13, 2019
Thanks to its presentation backed by the muscles behind the larger arms of the One Piece media juggernaut, it feels like a “legitimate” part of the series rather than the usual IP tie-in. Finally, it’s just nice to look at and feels good to lose hours playing, thanks to a surprising level of polish not usually afforded to games in this space. One Piece: World Seeker is an excellent romp, and fans of the series will definitely have a blast.
Darryl EdgeMar 19, 2019
One Piece: World Seeker had all the potential to be a standout title for both fans and newbies alike, with a strong story and beautiful environment to explore to really set it apart from anything that has come before. Unfortunately, the game stumbles continuously with two or three negatives for every one positive very early on and never quite recovers.
Rich MeisterMar 24, 2019
One Piece: World Seeker tells a surprisingly well-realized story that fans of the series are sure to enjoy, but only if they can make it through repetitive and frustrating gameplay. The talented voice cast and bright, popping visuals are a treat, but it does little to revolutionize the open-world adventure genre. If you aren't a fan of the source material, World Seeker is hard to recommend, but lovers of the Straw Hat pirates will find an enjoyable story buried under a lot of mundane gameplay.
William WorrallMar 13, 2019
Overall there is a lot of stuff wrong with One Piece World Seeker. There’s frustration from the cheap enemies, the stealth is forgettable and the exploration abilities have a lot of basic mistakes. Having said that the game just has moments where everything clicks together and it feels amazing. Those times where you slingshot into an area, take out four guards then switch to Armorment Haki and take out the remaining enemies instantly overshadows the game’s issues.
Andrew GilbertMar 13, 2019
Ultimately, One Piece: World Seeker is a super fun game that does the iconic franchise justice and serves as an engrossing and delightful standalone experience. Now more than ever, I’m eager to dive into the series egregiously long story and see what else the Straw Hats have been up to for the past two decades, and what brought them to where they are in this title.
Mitchell SaltzmanMar 13, 2019
World Seeker looks the part of a breakout single-player One Piece game, but its many problems become apparent almost immediately after picking up the controller. Repetitive combat, cumbersome movement controls, and a few outstandingly bad missions get in the way of what otherwise would have been a very respectable One Piece story.
GameCentralMar 14, 2019
Despite the low bar we’re not even sure this is the best One Piece game, even if it is the most ambitious. But ambition doesn’t pay the rent and unless you are a seriously hardcore One Piece fan you’re better off seeking out just about any open world alternative.
Sergio FigueroaMar 25, 2019
In the end, we were hoping for this colourful world to be better utilised. We come from One Piece: Unlimited World Red, which gave us more boring action, but a better storyline and more characters. The shift into the open world format has worked out well, and it's the title that best visually represents the series. Nevertheless, it needed a better combat system in order to incentivise players to tackle the missions as much as they want to roam around the world.
Dominic LeightonMar 14, 2019
It’s fortunate that the story holds just enough interest to keep you driving on, and the bright and friendly crew of the Sunny look and sound just as you’d hope, though fans of the manga and the anime will be wishing for more time in their company. Perhaps the biggest shame is that you’re only given control of Luffy, when one of Unlimited World Red’s best features was being able to play as the different crew members with their own fighting style. Ok, really I just want to play as Zoro, but you get what I mean.
Benjamin Shillabeer-HallMar 24, 2019
Luffy's charm really helps sell this game, with the open world being quite beautiful at times. But some issues with the combat, lack of Straw Hats interacting with the world, and the lock on system being a pain during some fights gives this enough flaws that some folks might not be able to ignore.
Preston DozsaMar 13, 2019
One Piece: World Seeker, apart from a select few elements, is tedious. The basic gameplay loop has nothing special going for it, and none of the elements that make One Piece special do anything other than highlight just how bland the game is as a whole. One Piece at its best is full of joy, surprises, and most of all, a sense of adventure, all of which are sorely lacking here. Trust me when I say that even the most die-hard One Piece fans should look elsewhere.
Alan BellApr 30, 2019
One Piece: World Seeker is lacking in so many areas. It may be lovely to look at, but an overall shallow and repetitive experience take away any semblance of joy fans are likely to find.
Carlos LeivaMar 18, 2019
One Piece: World Seeker es una oportunidad tirada por la borda de haber hecho algo realmente interesante y memorable con la fantástica obra de Eiichiro Oda. Por momentos, da la impresión de que crearon el mundo y se quedaron sin presupuesto para llenarlo con contenidos y mecánicas de calidad, dando como resultado un título que intenta abarcar más de lo que puede y que, en consecuencia, fracasa en todo lo que hace.
Juan GarciaMar 14, 2019
One Piece: World Seeker nos mete de lleno en un nuevo mundo y una nueva historia para Luffy y compañía, siendo esto lo mejor del trabajo de Ganbarion (su mundo e historia). Por desgracia, más allá de esto, el título presenta distintos problemas que acaban empañando la experiencia, con misiones irrelevantes y repetitivas y un sistema de combate anodino que hace difícil disfrutar de la función como nos gustaría.
Daniel QuesadaMar 13, 2019
En definitiva, One Piece World Seeker es una aventura correcta, pero sin alardes, que tiene un especial atractivo para los seguidores de este manga shonen por la cantidad de secundarios que desfilan por ella, pero que se puede quedar cortita si queréis algo más ambicioso. Es como Brook: tiene su gracia si te va ese rollo, pero al final no deja de estar en los huesos...
Mike ReyesMar 19, 2019
Por otro lado y si eres fan de One Piece, puedo decirte que, aún y con sus defectos, éste guarda cierto encanto que no dudo sabrán apreciar los seguidores más leales de la serie. No es el mejor juego de One Piece que hay, pero al menos le garantizará un poco de diversión a quienes, conscientes de sus fallas, decidan darle una oportunidad.
Alberto PastorMar 15, 2019
Vivir aventuras en una isla repleta de enemigos puede ser por momentos una experiencia divertida, más si cabe gracias a lo interesante del argumento, pero no es esa gran y emocionante aventura que esperábamos. Ni de lejos.
Pedro Pérez CesariMar 21, 2019
Al final, recomiendo World Seeker a todos esos fans de One Piece que quieren consumir más de esta serie. Es un título que les hará pasar un buen rato, pero deben probarlo con pocas expectativas. Si no te gusta la obra de Oda o de plano el anime no es lo tuyo, hay un montón de otros títulos similares que son superiores en casi todos los aspectos.
Sergio C. GonzálezMar 19, 2019
One Piece: World Seeker es otra oportunidad desperdiciada de hacer un videojuego transgresor del universo de los piratas del Sombrero de Paja. No funciona como aventura, tampoco sandbox; ni siquiera con sus atrevimientos a introducir sigilo, haciendo de Luffy un personaje desnaturalizado y carente de interés en su combate. Repleto de elementos accesorios y prescindibles, el diseño general de las peleas deja mucho que desear, al igual que la torpe inteligencia artificial y el diseño de sus misiones, repetitivo y anticuado.
Jens BischoffMar 21, 2019
Schade ist auch, dass Ruffy immer nur als einsamer Wolf unterwegs ist, ohne aktive Mitstreiter oder der Möglichkeit in andere Rollen zu schlüpfen. Nichtsdestotrotz bietet das Inselabenteuer jede Menge kurzweiliger Kampf- und Sammelaufgabe sowie motivierende Charakterentwicklung und Beziehungspflege, wodurch ich insgesamt doch noch gut unterhalten wurde.
LoganMar 13, 2019
One Piece : World Seeker aurait pu être un excellent jeu si Ganbarion avait rimé avec «grandes ambitions». Malheureusement, en l'état, le titre des japonais n'arrive que rarement à procurer davantage qu'un sentiment de joie à la vue du casting proposé s'étiolant rapidement à mesure que le temps passe. cool.
LumaMar 14, 2019
On peut être touché de retrouver l’univers, mais force est de constater que le manque de moyens, ou de répartition de ces derniers, se fait ressentir. Entre un monde vide et triste, quasi aucun doublage in game et une caméra digne de l’époque PS2/GameCube, la frustration de voir ce projet pas suffisamment abouti nous fait malheureusement rester à quai.
Pedro FerreiraApr 05, 2019
One Piece: World Seeker é um título repleto de ambição e alma, graças ao poderio e importância dos seus personagens, mas que falha em replicar tudo isso em praticamente todos os aspetos. Falha na exploração, no combate e na entrega de uma narrativa interessante e envolvente. Salvam-se alguns momentos de divertimento e emoção, perdendo-se mais tarde ao longo de missões nada relevantes relevantes e repletas de um combate repetitivo e doloroso.
Matteo BussaniMar 14, 2019
One Piece World Seeker è un capitolo che cerca di recuperare lo stile della saga da cui si ispira, ma è vittima di una semplificazione e guida, soprattutto narrativa, che impattno fortemente sul risultato finale. Il fan di One Piece, che incarna in pieno il target di questo gioco, al termine dell’avventura potrebbe trovarsi allo stesso tempo deluso e soddisfatto.
Christian ColliMar 14, 2019
One Piece: World Seeker è il classico tie-in un po' deludente, ma questa volta è cambiato qualcosa perché Ganbarion quantomeno ha azzardato un esperimento pieno di potenziale. Il gioco ha un sacco di difetti sui quali i fan soprassiederanno facilmente, divertendosi per qualche ora in compagnia dei loro beniamini, tuttavia c'è una base solida su cui si può costruire e, finalmente, allontanarsi un po' dai soliti musou e picchiaduro che impestano il mercato ogni anno.
One Piece: World Seeker è un timido passo verso la vera avventura che l'opera di Eichiro Oda meriterebbe. I fan sfegatati dell'opera originale possono trovare pane per i loro denti, con un gioco che li può trasportare in una nuova avventura che non ha nulla da invidiare agli episodi e ai film a cui siamo abituati. Ma il comparto narrativo è cucito sopra un gameplay un po' troppo ripetitivo, con poca varietà e una formula di gioco un po' stantia.
Никита КазимировMar 28, 2019
В итоге хотелось бы верить, что One Piece: World Seeker задаст новый тренд, а японские разработчики поймут, что игры по аниме можно делать не только с любовью к первоисточнику, но и ориентируясь на актуальные течения. Учитывая, что японская игровая индустрия сейчас на подъеме, вполне вероятно, что вскоре мы получим еще одну достойную нишу, в которой будут свои кандидаты на титул игры года. И пускай на этот раз все вышло не очень удачно, сама попытка сокрушить устои аниме-игр достойна только поощрения.
Самвел СарухановMar 21, 2019
One Piece: World Seeker, как присказка о мышах и кактусе — в нее хочется играть, но она сама делает все, чтобы игрок от этого страдал. Разработчики споткнулись о все камни и допустили ряд непозволительных ошибок, из-за чего в итоге мы потеряли потенциальный хит и получили что-то красивое, но несуразное. Несмотря на все недостатки, приключение все же заслуживает внимания, главное брать его по скидке и при условии любви к первоисточнику.
Rick OttenMar 26, 2019
Een toffe manier om je mee voort te bewegen is helaas niet genoeg om een spel te dragen. World Seeker heeft alles dat een spel gebaseerd op One Piece zou moeten hebben, maar schiet in de uitvoering vrijwel overal tekort. De grootste One Piece-fans zullen zich er toch wel doorheen worstelen voor Oda’s originele verhaal. Maar of die worsteling het waard is, valt te betwijfelen. Zelden heb ik een spel zoveel potentieel zien verspillen. One Piece verdient beter.
Ralph BeentjesMar 26, 2019
Het idee van One Piece World Seeker is goed, een open wereld game met een uitgebreid skill system en bekende karakters uit het universum om te ontmoeten en tegen te vechten. Maar de uitvoering is zeer onder de maat, met een onbegrijpelijk belabberde camera, inspiratieloze zijmissies en een eiland waarop niks valt te beleven.
WojtiniMar 15, 2019
Poczułem ogromny niedosyt po zakończeniu rozgrywki. Gameplay jest naprawdę dobrze wykonany, a różnorodność technik i sposób walki z „bossami” robi wrażenie. Jednak ma to się nijak przez pryzmat bardzo spłyconej historii i otwartego świata, w którym nie ma nic do roboty, poza wykonywaniem fabularnych zadań. Gra kończy się w momencie, w którym zaczęło się robić najciekawiej. Tak jakby twórcy w połowie prac postanowili uciąć skrzydła swojemu dziełu. Niedosyt i jeszcze raz niedosyt.


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