Omensight for PS4

Omensight (PS4)

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Omensight for PS4
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Genre: ActionAdventureRPGSingle PlayerIndie
Developer: Spearhead Games
Content Rating: Teen


Omensight is an Action Murder-Mystery game. You are the Harbinger, a powerful mystical warrior. You have witnessed the destruction of the world. In order to prevent annihilation you are destined to repeat that fateful day and solve the murder of the Godless-Priestess, whose death precipitated the apocalypse.
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If a murder mystery action game sounds like a game you might like, I highly recommend playing Omensight. From beginning to end it just doesn’t stop on delivering a solid experience. Although the story seems to be straightforward and simple at first it opens into an interesting tale with complicated characters helming the ship the whole way through.

Robin Baird May 14, 2018



Omensight is a very enjoyable game. The combat is simple, yet thought out, the story is compelling and kept me playing, and the overall package is well done and really fun to see played out. There are a few little hiccups here and there, but I enjoyed this as much as Stories and can’t wait to see what Spearhead Games comes up with next. Any action adventure fan will have a great time with Omensight. I can’t suggest it enough.

Drew Leachman May 22, 2018



Though there’s so much to love about Omensight, there is one big setback: the world is pretty small. Urralia is beautiful and full of life, but with only five places to visit, it can again become repetitive. And since the characters' stories intertwine, you’ll find yourself visiting the same locations multiple times. Each location changes slightly depending on the time of day, but visiting the same locations eventually becomes tiresome.

Becca Smith May 25, 2018

Hardcore Gamer


When all is said and done, Omensight ends up being a dazzling piece of work, a terrific action RPG game with fast and fun combat that works perfectly alongside a well-crafted and impressive mystery that’s guaranteed to keep you addicted until you’ve figured everything out. From the eye-popping art to the enjoyable characters with a surprising amount of depth, there’s more than a lot here to love, so it becomes easy to recommend.

Kyle LeClair May 21, 2018

Game Skinny


Omensight has some interesting concepts with changing story events, but its unvaried, repetitive nature holds back a more entertaining experience. With a few tweaks, Omensight could provide a more enjoyable adventure, but the land of Urallia can only be traveled through so many times before meeting its demise.

Erroll Maas May 25, 2018



Omensight is a fun fantasy romp starring fuzzy animal things. It’s endearing in a way that, considering its flaws, it has no right to be. With a little more polish, this could have been a great game. As things stand now, it’s still a pretty damn good one. The story kept me invested, and I found myself smiling more often than not. If you can see past the rough spots, you’re in for a treat.

Kevin Mersereau May 15, 2018

PS Lifestyle


I really like the story that Omensight sets out to tell, but I really wish that it was more fun to actually play. The characters and learning about their motivations made it worth seeing the game to its conclusion, but a finicky fixed camera and somewhat lacking gameplay made my playthrough less satisfying than it should have been.

Elizabeth Henges May 14, 2018

Game Reactor


Omensight's approach to story-focused action-adventure is one we enjoyed, but it's the narrative and the choices offered to the player that really carry the game. On the other hand, the action can get repetitive after a time and the presentation is lacking in certain areas. If you can overlook those minor issues you'll have fun unravelling the story in front of you while you learn more about the doomed world and its inhabitants.

Petter Lundberg May 22, 2018



RPG fans may not appreciate the brevity of the Harbinger's journey, and action game fans will likely fall asleep from the low difficulty of everything. This one seems ideal for fans of adventures, since at a certain point, most combat can be skipped entirely in lieu of plot progression with no consequence. Omensight is a unique release, nonetheless, and comes recommended for those seeking something different.

Albert Lichi May 15, 2018

Push Square


Omensight takes a lot of the ideas founded in Stories: The Path of Destinies and runs with them, successfully building on its predecessor with a very clever gameplay loop. While we doubt this repeating tale of the apocalypse will blow anyone away, Omensight is still a fine example of an interesting concept executed with style and confidence.

Robert Ramsey May 17, 2018

PS Universe


Omensight is an action-adventure murder mystery that traverses time and genres to deliver a fun and balanced game perfect for coming down from your God Of War high.

Laddie Simco May 14, 2018



La propia naturaleza del videojuego invita a la repetición de situaciones. El número escaso de escenarios y de personajes agudiza esta sensación, por lo que se convierte en su defecto más destacable. La cámara, que no es libre, juega a veces malas pasadas, así como algunas impurezas ocasionales en su framerate.

Borja Ruete May 24, 2018



Sin el misterio del asesinato o el elenco de secundarios de Omensight, un juego de acción como este basado en la repetición de escenarios –el contenido realmente no es mucho, pero el bucle amplía la duración a unas siete horas- se podría hacer un poco pesado. No obstante, los desarrolladores han logrado que muchos de estos defectos pasen a un segundo plano y Omensight entretiene, que es lo importante, siempre y cuando tu prioridad sea disfrutar de la narrativa y el mundo del juego.

Ramón Varela Jun 03, 2018


Ausgestattet mit einem überschaubaren, aber gut funktionierenden Kampf- und Upgrade-System sowie zahlreichen in den linearen Abschnitten versteckten Geheimnissen, bekommen Jäger & Sammler ebenfalls einen passenden Motivationsschub. Es bleibt allerdings auch dabei, dass Spearhead wie bei Stories das Potenzial ihrer guten Spielideen nicht bis zum Letzten ausnutzen kann.

Mathias Oertel May 05, 2018