Nioh 2 for PlayStation 4

Nioh 2

Mar 13, 2020
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Developer: Team Ninja
Content Rating: Mature


Journey to 1555 Japan, a country gripped in endless warfare where monsters and evil spirits stalk a land of natural beauty and menacing peril. Hunt down your enemies as a rogue mercenary wielding the supernatural powers of the mythical Yokai. Can you survive the treacherous Sengoku era and the new and terrifying Dark Realm?

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Feb 18, 2021
This game is very fun soul-like-hack-and-slash game.
Jan 11, 2021
one of the best games ever. i loved it!
Mar 23, 2020
it's Samurai world, what not to dislike, love this game, it's hard yes indeed, but it's very rewarding, vast amount of items, skill tree, weapons, magic and ninjutsu, minus from this game is the item management, it could do better, but nevertheless, it's a fun and brutal game, a very must have
Mr Robot

Mr Robot

Sep 16, 2021


May 18, 2021
Luis Vargas

Luis Vargas

Mar 31, 2021
kat kat

kat kat

Feb 22, 2021
Ahmed El-Refaey

Ahmed El-Refaey

Dec 23, 2020

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Elliott GaticaMar 17, 2020
What made the first Nioh game great was that it had a fluid combat system, interesting enemies and bosses, great customization, and boatloads of loot to grind for. Three years later in its sequel, that still remains true. Team Ninja nailed the formula the first time and preserved it. They expanded upon other regions and strengthened the weaker aspects, delivering a full Nioh experience and then some.
Mike WilliamsMar 12, 2020
Nioh 2 crafts its tough experience with precise, delicious Team Ninja combat. On top of that is an entire mass of additional systems that offer players a way forward if your skills aren't top-notch. When those systems come together, Nioh 2 can make you feel powerful, but it does feel like a mess of numbers and bonuses thrown your way at times.
Ben MooreApr 28, 2020

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