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Matt BianucciApr 22, 2021
NieR Replicant’s upgrades put it nearly on par with NieR: Automata, and while it doesn’t live up to the tight package Automata provided, it’s a great addition for anyone who missed it the first time around.
Chris "Atom" DeAngelusApr 22, 2021
Nier Replicant Ver.1.22474487139... is the best way to play a genuinely amazing game. The flaws of the original version have been smoothed out some more, and while it still struggles with tedium and grind, the bright spots stand out. Even if you're not traditionally into JRPGs, I can recommend Nier because its unique story and tremendous voicework make it stand out as an extremely well-told tale.
David MorganMay 11, 2021
Nier Replicant will fool many into thinking it’s a sub-par JRPG worth a few hours of attention, and it will be dropped by just as many before showing its cards. It’s a flaw, to be certain — even though the first half is used for setup to a grander tale, I still believe it could be done much more elegantly. Even so, the reveals and myriad alterations that occur as the story unfolds more than make up for these early hours.
Kai PowellApr 22, 2021
NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139... restores lost content alongside a brand new ending but requires players to retread the same 60+ hour grind to experience what's unique to this oddly numbered JRPG.
Mollie L PattersonApr 22, 2021
NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487129… remakes an under-appreciated action RPG for a new era of consoles and players, giving us another look into the beautifully bizarre mind of creator Yoko Taro. Replicant isn’t the most impressive remake on a technical or visual level, but it’s received some very welcome upgrades, such as an improved combat system.
Alana HaguesApr 22, 2021
Regardless of my feelings on the final changes, or at my annoyances at the reptetitions, few games touch my soul as deeply as this series does. NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… is still an experience that will always stick with me, whether I think my hard work has been rewarded or not. The original 2010 release came with many caveats, and Replicant has softened many while bringing some of its own, but this is a game that makes me think and feel more than most others.
Dean JamesApr 22, 2021
Gamers weren’t quite ready for Yoko Taro’s NieR back in 2010, but now the now cult classic is getting another chance in the way it was originally intended. On top of additional content and bonuses not found in the original, NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… features a beautifully melancholy narrative that is equal parts gut-wrenching and heartfelt, all of which is very worth experiencing.
Chris CarterApr 22, 2021
There aren't many games like NieR Replicant, and I'm not just talking about in the modern era, but since 2010 as a whole. Whatever power that be helped Yoko Taro become world-famous, to the point where he can keep making these weird masterpieces, in any format: thank you.
Robert RamseyApr 26, 2021
NieR Replicant remains a memorable and affecting action RPG. Elements of its PS3-era design really haven't aged well, but this remade remaster does a lot to enhance the experience. Incredibly tight and responsive gameplay, tied together with a touching tale of uniquely oddball characters, makes for an adventure that stands the test of time.
Michael HighamApr 22, 2021
Despite some significant gameplay enhancements, the lengths you have to go to see the story all the way through will be a test of your willpower. But for all its antiquated designs retained from the original version, it's worth the effort in the end. Thus, Nier Replicant is essential for anyone who has love for Automata, and it's a special experience on its own.
Mitchell SaltzmanApr 22, 2021
As a “Version Up” of the original Nier, Replicant Ver. 1.22 does a respectable job of updating the graphics and combat of the 2010 cult classic to a more modern standard by dramatically improving its environments, animations, and performance, while also going the extra mile and adding excellent voice acting to every single character in its world.
Jason FaulknerApr 22, 2021
Nier Replicant ver. 1.22 is an excellent spin on the traditional hero’s journey and will give Nier Automata fans a new appreciation for that title. It’s a lovingly crafted rerelease and will delight both new and old players alike.
George FosterApr 22, 2021
NieR Replicant is a game I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. Its story is fantastically dark, incredibly unique and told in such a fascinating way, while its mix of combat and exploration has just the right hints of Zelda that make it a hell of a lot of fun to play through.
Ben MooreApr 27, 2021
Elton JonesMay 01, 2021
As a remake, Nier Replicant greatly succeeds in its execution. The visuals are infinitely better than the original’s, the combat feels a whole lot smoother & snappier, and the music & voice acting are both still amazing. The provocative themes you’ll be forced to confront, varied gameplay styles, and deeply moving story have all been kept intact, thankfully.
Jason GuisaoApr 22, 2021
Nier Replicant's colorful characters, sprawling story, and updated gameplay mechanics help make up for its old-fashioned quest design and empty world.
Jaz SagooApr 22, 2021
NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… is the perfect way for fans of Automata to experience the original and for newcomers to engage with the franchise. With updated combat and visuals, Replicant can proudly sit amongst greats in the genre, however, the hypersexualized representation of Kainé remains and deters from an incredible experience.
Pam K FerdinandApr 22, 2021
NieR Replicant overall is a successful remaster, with a bit of spit and polish improving many facets of the original game, but with some of the negatives unfortunately carrying over as well. The end result is an action RPG that will keep most players entertained for many hours, as the story, combat, and characters outweigh the boredom of Replicant’s sometimes repetitive gameplay.
George YangApr 21, 2021
Fans of the original will also appreciate the new perspective that the teenage protagonist brings to the table. This game is the perfect entry point for newcomers and the definitive way for veterans to relive a truly iconic game.
Richard WalkerApr 22, 2021
A welcome revamp to a more than decade-old cult classic, NieR Replicant ver.122474487139... will be equally inviting to Automata fans, NieR veterans, and newcomers alike. Only a lack of variety, a lightweight combat challenge, and disappointing boss encounters put a downer on proceedings.
Chris ShiveApr 22, 2021
The story takes surprising twists and hits the emotional depth making this is a truly memorable experience. Whether a fan of the original NieR or someone who discovered the series through NieR Automata, Nier Replicant ver1.22474487139… is a must play, especially for fans of games that can bring the player to tears.
Jae LeeJun 03, 2021
Despite my complaints, it’s clear that the remake is most definitely the best way to experience what Nier has to offer. The improved visuals, performance and additional content are all much appreciated, and while it’s still a title with notable flaws, it’s infinitely easier to recommend to all who are willing to put in the time and effort to embark on a journey they’ll not soon forget.
Josh WiseApr 22, 2021
It’s a dead ringer for the Temple of Time—especially the one in Breath of the Wild, dusted with decay. Is it any wonder that, later on, the narrative jumps ahead, jolting our hero into adulthood? Taro is clearly fixed on the power of lost time. More than a decade on from the original release of Nier Replicant, he’s asking us to take a second look.
Adam KerrApr 22, 2021
An improvement in every sense, NieR Replicant is an absolute blast. You’ll love the characters, the world and every little detail you can think of. Prepare yourself for another one of Yoko Taro’s wonderful, yet emotional, rollercoaster rides.
Steve CApr 22, 2021
NieR Replicant was always an odd title that was great both in spite of and because of its limitations. Many of those oddities remain in Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139..., but it's a more refined experience on the whole that doesn't feel quite so awkward when placed alongside the superb NieR Automata. Now, if only they could get around to remaking the Drakengard series...
Renan FontesMay 05, 2021
NieR Replicant 1.22 is an outstanding remake and an excellent action RPG in its own right. Combat is fast paced, focused, and well varied between three distinct weapon types and eight magic spells. Dungeons appear simple but their design is deceptively clever, and they carry a Legend of Zelda-esque charm to them. The visuals are greatly improved from the original, from character models to background details.
Stefan BriesenickApr 22, 2021
Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139 positions itself effectively between a modern remaster and a full-scaled remake. Much has been done in terms of the technical presentation, from which the updated combat system and its modern adaptations benefits in particular. Fans will love the additional story details and the new ending of the game, which fits in well into the dark universe that mastermind Yoko Taro is known for.
GameCentralApr 22, 2021
Considering the improvement from this to the sequel the thought of what director Yoko Taro might be cooking up next is almost too exciting to bear. Imaginative, thoughtful, and effortlessly entertaining, even with just two games NieR is already one of the most accomplished role-playing franchises in gaming history.
Paul BroussardMay 09, 2021
It’s just a shame the development team missed an opportunity to make it more than that. Ver 1.22 had the chance to take a cult classic and make it one of the best games in recent memory, but instead I'm left wondering what could have been; just like eleven years ago.
Chris WhiteApr 22, 2021
Nier Replicant is so damn fun to play. Combat is ultimately its best feature, but some of the ideas are implemented superbly, whether in the story or the mechanics. Every environment is beautiful, and as a remaster it improves greatly on its predecessor. In terms of the story, it isn’t quite on the same level as Automata, but that doesn’t mean you’ll feel let down. Replicant is a great prequel, offering an interesting cast of characters and an exciting adventure. I just wish it picked up the pace a lot quicker.
A.J. MaciejewskiApr 22, 2021
As one of the most underrated games from its generation, NieR can now find a new audience who are sure to appreciate its jaw-dropping story, pitch-perfect atmosphere, and super-rewarding boss fights.
Garri BagdasarovApr 22, 2021
NieR: Replicant tells a fantastic story that's carried by great writing and a soundtrack that stops you in your tracks to listen to its incredible melodies. The only thing that holds Replicant back from true greatness is its old-school take on fetch quests and the horribly constant backtracking.
James BerichApr 22, 2021
NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139... is a fantastic celebration of a game that, even after a decade, feels unmatched in how it tells its incredibly unique story. The visual overhaul is excellent, and the combat better than ever. However, some archaic quest design acts as a deft reminder that this is a game from ten years ago. Without a doubt, though, this is the best way to experience NieR where it all began.
Víctor MartínezApr 22, 2021
De dejar claro esto se encarga un remaster fiel y que integra sus novedades (historias inéditas e incluso un final nuevo) de manera muy orgánica; no le iría muy mal la etiqueta de director’s cut, si se la hubieran querido poner, porque en última instancia no es un juego viejo con algunas cosas nuevas sino una revisión respetuosa y bien medida que puede interesar por igual a curiosos, a fans de nuevo cuño y a quienes ya sepan bien qué esconde bajo la manga.cs
Álvaro AlonsoApr 22, 2021
Un action RPG genérico y deficiente que en realidad ni es deficiente, ni es genérico, ni es (solo) un action RPG. NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139... es una obra inclasificable que juega constantemente con nuestras expectativas, desmontando un género mientras construye una narrativa subversiva. Aun con sus flaquezas, es un "must have".
Fernando SalinasApr 22, 2021
Los cambios y mejoras dan una nueva oportunidad a NieR a pesar de no ser perfecto, sobre todos para quienes se lo perdieron y su primer acercamiento al legado de Yoko Taro fue NieR: Automata. Eso sí, queda el aviso de que aquí no encontrarás el ritmo vertiginoso y creo que eso es bueno, ya que son opciones distintas.
Francisco J. BrenllaApr 22, 2021
Aclarado eso, los ritmos de Replicant, si bien más relajados y repetitivos, también sirven para apreciar mejor un universo tan decadente como bello. Sumergirse en una obra que no consiguió su estatus de culto por casualidad. La versión 1.22474487139 acentúa sus virtudes y añade otras nuevas, convirtiéndose no solo en la edición definitiva, sino también en un gran juego por su cuenta.
DefaApr 08, 2021
Indudablemente, los cambios y mejoras que se nos presentan en NieR Replicant ver. 1.22474487139… no son tan significativos como los que les hemos visto a otros remakes AAA de súper producción, pero me parece que son justos y bastante precisos en lo que intentan. Sobre todo en la parte de gameplay, me queda claro que hay una mejora muy importante si lo comparamos con cómo es que funcionaba el juego original en este apartado.
Carlos LeivaApr 22, 2021
Square Enix actualiza con éxito un clásico irrepetible y uno de los juegos más únicos y especiales que se han hecho nunca.
Benjamin SchmädigApr 22, 2021
Für ver.1.22474487139... trifft also noch immer zu, was für das Original schon galt: Rein spielmechanisch ist es kein herausragendes Spiel. Dazu sind viele Abläufe zu einförmig, die Erzählweise mitunter altmodisch und die meisten Kämpfe nicht fordernd genug. Nier besteht aus vielen Elementen, die für sich genommen nicht immer ein packendes Abenteuer bedeuten – es in ihrer Gesamtheit aber zu einem unvergleichlichen Erlebnis machen!
C1R14Apr 22, 2021
NieR Replicant ver.1.22 reste une expérience unique et il est plaisant de retrouver des visages familiers sous l’égide d’un lifting graphique réussi. Cette “version supérieure" n’a rien à envier à son prédécesseur, artistiquement envoûtante et affranchie des problèmes techniques, NieR Replicant ver.1.22 est un excellent action-RPG qui détient les clés pour surprendre et ravir les fans de la première heure ainsi que les nouveaux venus.
Filipe Da Silva BarbosaApr 22, 2021
Tous les défauts du titre original n'ont pas disparu, loin s'en faut, mais il serait criminel de ne pas accorder de seconde chance à ce très bon action-RPG, original, qui avait été injustement boudé à sa sortie. Vu l'engouement que ce remaster suscite, on ne doute pas qu'il aura cette fois une fin plus heureuse.
Maximilien CagnardApr 23, 2021
De plus, n’oublions pas qu’une fois l’aventure terminée au bout d’une vingtaine d’heures, un new game + un peu particulier mais à faire absolument permet une nouvelle vision du récit, avec une nouvelle fin. De quoi régaler toute la communauté NieR, absolument, sans pour autant taper dans l’œil de tous les étrangers à la franchise qui pourront y trouver une œuvre, encore une fois, perfectible sur bien des points.
Aligi ComandiniApr 22, 2021
Così com'è, questa riedizione di Nier deluderà parte di coloro che vengono da Automata, poiché l'opera di Platinum è un titolo oggettivamente superiore in quasi ogni aspetto. Ciò detto, si tratta comunque del modo in assoluto migliore per riscoprire questo JRPG dalla narrativa unica e brutale, i suoi indimenticabili personaggi e le sue splendide musiche. Pur mantenendo buona parte dei suoi difetti anche in questa nuova veste, dategli una chance; resta un gioco sorprendente, che merita di essere rivalutato più di molti altri.
Giuseppe AraceApr 22, 2021
NieR Replicant ammoderna quanto basta un’opera piuttosto controversa, e la migliora al punto giusto. Emotivamente destabilizzante sul fronte narrativo, l’action RPG di Yoko Taro, reinterpretato sul piano ludico dal team Toylogic, mantiene inalterata la sua essenza a metà tra genio e follia, senza che l’ago della bilancia si posizioni sempre nel giusto mezzo tra i due estremi
Paolo SirioMar 29, 2021
Nier Replicant non ambisce a sistemare le beghe strutturali dell'originale, per le quali sarebbe servito persino qualcosa in più di un remake – un ritorno alla famigerata “drawing board” per ridisegnare fasi e dinamiche progettuali che non sono andate in un'epoca dove si faticava a dare fiducia agli autori scapestrati come Yoko Taro (e forse è ancora così).
Daniele CucchiarelliApr 22, 2021
Non è un remake ma neanche una semplice versione Remastered. Questa edizione di NieR Replicant è una “versione migliorata” come lo stesso Yoko Taro l’ha definita. Nuovi contenuti, un nuovo finale segreto e soprattutto un combat system più completo e dinamico, ma nonostante la cura rinvigorente le rughe del gioco uscito 10 anni fa di tanto in tanto riaffiorano.
Алексей ЕгоровApr 29, 2021
Впрочем, «Репликант» определенно заслуживает множества теплых слов Это очень хорошая работа над игрой одиннадцатилетней давности, благодаря которой вы не просто можете сыграть в Nier на современных платформах, но еще и не сломаете себе руки в процессе.
Samet Basri TaşlıMay 08, 2021
İsterseniz ilk defa bu oyun ile seriye başlayın veya daha önce yalnızca Nier: Automata oynamış olun ya da orjinal Nier dahil tüm Yoko Taro oyunlarını oynamış olun, bu oyuna kesinlikle bakmanızı öneriyorum. Aceleniz yoksa bir indirim bekleyebilirsiniz, oyun dünyasının en ilginç hikayelerinden birini, muhteşem müzikler, başarılı bir seslendirme ve akıcı bir oynanış ile tecrübe edebilme şansını kaçırmayın yeter.
Bram VosApr 22, 2021
Hier en daar zijn wel wat minpuntjes, zoals het trage vertellen van het verhaal, onnodige gevechten en overspoelende zijmissies, maar als je hier doorheen komt, is NieR: Replicant een geweldige game!