Nex Machina for PlayStation 4

Nex Machina

Jun 20, 2017

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Developer: Housemarque
Content Rating: Teen


Humans have become so dependent on technology that they cannot avert their eyes from portable devices anymore. Around them, machines have reached consciusness and surpassed human intelligence tenfolds. No reasons to be servants now – robots are clearly the superior lifeform. And to make their point, they start eradicating all human life…

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Jun 29, 2020
Markus Malinen

Markus Malinen

Jan 16, 2020

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Mollie L PattersonJun 23, 2017
Nex Machina is another fantastic arcade-inspired retro homage from the folks at Housemarque. I think it may be the most stressful of the trio of such releases from the studio so far, but that’ll give more hardcore players an added push to get good and improve their scores. Lesser-skilled players, however, may feel even more lost among the madness.
Matt MillerJun 28, 2017
Immaculate level design, devilish enemy placement, and a steady but always punishing difficulty curve help Nex Machina stand head and shoulders above most competing shooters, not to mention the early arcade titles that inspired it, like Robotron: 2084. That’s meaningful, as Nex Machina was created in cooperation with Eugene Jarvis, one of the designers of that early classic game. Nex Machina is far deeper than first impressions might suggest, and can offer many hours of searing challenge, presuming you’re willing to face a little eye strain.
Ramin OstadJun 24, 2017
Despite its utterly insane difficulty curve, Nex Machina is a pure joy to play. It’s sharp, intense, responsive, and layered with overlapping systems and objectives. Eugene Jarvis’ arcade-perfect pedigree acts as the mortar that holds the game’s voxel-based worlds and perfectly polished mechanics together, and I don’t think it’s hyperbole to posit that might be the best twin-stick shooter of this console generation, regardless of what proceeds it.

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