Need for Speed Payback for PlayStation 4

Need for Speed Payback

Nov 10, 2017
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Developer: Ghost Games
Content Rating: Teen


Need for Speed Payback is a racing game set in an open world environment. It will be focused on "action driving" and will have the three playable characters (each with different sets of skills) working together to pull off action movie like sequences. It will also feature dynamic weather system and day-night cycle which affects the gameplay. Unlike the 2015 Need for Speed reboot, Payback will include an offline single-player mode.

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Kamil Jakubowski

Kamil Jakubowski

Oct 26, 2019

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Benjamin MaltbieNov 10, 2017
In fact, the takeaway here isn’t that Need for Speed: Payback isn’t fun; it certainly has its moments. But those small moments of genuine excitement only exemplify the primary problem. Need for Speed: Payback is full of good ideas and, every time a new element is introduced, there is a stirring sense of promise.
Tyler TreeseNov 06, 2017
Part of this grind comes down to car customization, which is split into performance and vanity spectrums. The latter means that it’s fully possible to equip your vehicles with hilarious car horns, colored smoke, and other items. Sadly, there’s some poor user interface when it comes to customization as navigating the cars in your in-game garage is a total hassle, and shops only refresh their items every half-hour, which means a lot of waiting around when you just want to purchase a better exhaust.
Cory WellsNov 06, 2017
EA and Ghost Games set out to make the quintessential Need for Speed by bringing in aspects that worked in the past and has mostly succeeded. The unnecessary narrative ultimately holds the game back, but it’s a blast once the world is made available to the player. The off-road racing is addicting and the search for Derelicts could remain a mainstay with the franchise moving forward.

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