NBA Live 19 for PlayStation 4

NBA Live 19

Sep 7, 2018

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Developer: EA Sports
Content Rating: Everyone


In NBA LIVE 19, you’re one of a kind. With a unique skillset led by Playstyles and the all-new Icon Progression system, you can move, shoot, and score just like your favorite NBA players. The new Icon Progression system is our deepest ever, providing incredible depth and strategy options that let you showcase your unique skills on the court. It allows you to excel throughout your career by unlocking rewards and learning abilities from the all-time greats. Get ready to hoop your way into a seamless, connected world. Any way you play, everything you do counts and filters into one unified progression tracker, your THE ONE score.

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Jun 19, 2019

good i am play now


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Cory WellsSep 17, 2018
NBA Live 19 continues to trend in the correct direction in terms of overall success. The product on the court plays a fun and excellent game of basketball thanks to Real Player Motion. It might not be as detailed and sim-focused as NBA 2K, but it offers all the options needed to compete. In terms of career modes, nothing touches The One. Varying ways to make your player better while playing online with or against other players is fun.
Matt BertzSep 07, 2018
NBA Live 19 offers interesting diversions when it moves away from its license and into the fantasy of The Streets and Court Battles. The NBA experience in franchise mode and The League, however, both need a lot of work to reach their potential. If EA can branch out of the canned animations to make the controls more responsive, the already decent gameplay could take a dramatic leap forward.
Michael RuizSep 16, 2018
In the end, any progress made, whether it’s leveling up my player or regaining control of my court, just feels aimless. If I’m simply being rewarded with cosmetic options, I don’t see the point of furthering my character’s career. If my Icon path is linear, why make me go to a menu to activate those perks? Why play the mid-range game if driving straight to the hoop while getting double teamed will still grant me the 2 points I need?

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